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Filming Updates for MCU’s Blade, Starring Mahershala Ali 


The Marvel Cinematic Universe phase four has kick started 2021 with a bang-on series on Disney +, WandaVision, which is now coming to an end. To make it better MCU is introducing Blade in its universe. In Marvel’s entire history, 2021 will see maximum releases than in any year so far. MCU will serve its fans with a treat of four iconic movies along with six Disney + shows this year. If this doesn’t excite you, then we don’t know what will!

Ever since Kevin Feige expressed his interest in bringing this “fun” character to the big screen, fans could not keep calm for its filming announcement. In 2019, at Comic-Con in San Diego, he announced that MCU is going to start working on a film about Blade. He also announced that Mahershala Ali will be playing the titular character. Their search for a writer ended in February 2021, after they signed Stacy Osei-Kuffour for the film’s script. Even though the film’s release date hasn’t been declared, it is confirmed that Blade’s production will commence by the end of 2021.

Blade in MCU
MCU is introducing Blade

Blade: The Vampire Slayer

Blade: The Vampire Slayer
The first appearance of Blade was in comics in 1973

The Blade was first created in 1973. Marv Wolfman created him for a comic book, The Book of Dracula #10, as a side character. He is a half-vampire with massive power and some very advanced, hi-tech weaponries. These make him stand out in his war against vampires. His mother was murdered by the blood-sucking monster and he is out to avenge her death. The character made its debut on big screen in 1998 in Blade, directed by David S. Goyer. After del Toro’s Blade II gained popularity, the character no longer remained infamous. 

Mahershala Ali As Blade

Mahershala Ali As Blade
MCU monster slayer: Mahershala Ali

Two-time Oscar winner, Mahershala Ali, is only the cherry on top of this delicious-looking (MCU) cake. Although Ali was seen in the Marvel universe series, Netflix’s Luke Cage as a villain (Cottonmouth), seeing him in a leading role, that too in a badass, monster-killer role isn’t going to reduce any of the excitement. 

After the mysterious turn of events fans saw in WandaVision, and the developments with Blade, it looks like MCU is making bold decisions to bring out the supernatural heroes (and monsters) out in public. Since the movie has recently found its writer, more updates about the directors and the rest of the cast should be on their way. Remember the missing title of a Marvel movie in Disney’s release calendar from last year? After publishing its release calendar, fans have been curious to know for which Marvel movie October 7, 2022 is reserved. Could Blade be that movie? Stay tuned to know more!

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