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WandaVision: Latest Episode Connects The Twins’ Origin To Mephisto

With just three episodes to go, WandaVision has left fans bewildered with its surprising twists and turns. After recasting Pietro with Evan Peters from Fox’s X-Men movies, the show has opened up multiple paths that can lead to some shocking revelations. From the long-standing theory of introducing the mutants to the wildly popular speculation of Mephisto’s appearance, WandaVision has delivered on its promise of being the most ambitious and experimental MCU project so far. Though we can hardly wait for the next episode which might shed some light on what’s really happening in Westview, the sixth episode might have subtly connected the twins to Mephisto himself.


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The sixth episode titled All-New Halloween Spooktacular! featured Evan Peters as Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver alongside Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch and her twins; Tommy and Billy. Set during Halloween, the episode doesn’t shy away from fanservice as Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Vision appear in the comic-book accurate costumes. In the episode, Vision explores the edge of Westview as he unsuccessfully tries to escape the made-up reality to save numerous people trapped by Scarlet Witch’s mind-control, while unbeknownst to Wanda. Inside the town, the twins team up with their uncle to wreak havoc by stealing treats from unwary residents, courtesy of Quicksilver’s super speed. As the episode progresses, Pietro seems to be aware of Wanda’s made-up reality, even going as far as making a dark joke about Vision’s death in the past. In the episode, the twins also develop their latent abilities, with Tommy inheriting his uncle’s superspeed and Billy reflecting his mother’s psychic powers. However, the episode becomes much more promising when Pietro’s dialogues are taken into consideration.


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Earlier in the episode, when Tommy and Billy raced across the town to collect treats, Pietro shouted “Unleash hell, demon spawn!” which might have been a funny gesture on his part. A few moments later, the speedster said that Westview is “charming as hell“, which can be just another conversational piece. But if anything is to be believed about WandaVision so far, then nothing is off-limits. Though Pietro’s mysterious appearance left the fans stumped, his origins and change in appearance are yet to be addressed. Not to mention, his heightened awareness about things that happened years after his apparent death in Age of Ultron and Wanda’s incredible powers might be a subtle foreshadowing of a big reveal at the end. Nonetheless, if Pietro is indeed aware of Vision’s death and Wanda’s reality-altering powers, then it wouldn’t be a surprise if he also knows about the twins’ mysterious origin.


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In the comics, it was revealed that the twins were indeed a fragment of Mephisto’s soul which explained their mysterious appearance. If the series is actually following the comic book, then Pietro’s earlier dialogues are not mere conversational pieces of a cool uncle, but a sinister foreshadowing of what lies ahead. Demon spawn quite literally translates to Mephisto’s offsprings, if the twins are truly fragments of his soul. Similarly, the speculations that Quicksilver is actually Mephisto in disguise is further fuelled by his second dialogue, “Charming as Hell” since Mephisto is the ruler of hell. While nothing has yet been confirmed, if this theory does become a reality, then more heartbreak awaits for Scarlet Witch as the twins will most probably disappear if Mephisto re-absorbs them. Though it is expected that Marvel Studios might use Wiccan and Speed in Young Avengers, the show can also take a different path to further traumatize Wanda and set her as the primary antagonist in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in a heartbreaking finale.

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WandaVision will return for its seventh episode on 19th February exclusively on Disney+.

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