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First Look at The First Descendant Crossplay Open Beta

The First Descendant is an upcoming free-to-play third-person shooter that is being developed by Nexon Games and has a crossplay open beta active until September 25th. This has already created a lot of buzz for players who are looking for something new to play as some players are already describing this as a potential Destiny killer even with the small amount of content that is available during the open beta.

What Makes The First Descendant Different Than Other “Destiny Killers”?

First Look At The First Descendant Crossplay Open Beta And So Far It Is Looking Good
The First Descendant has fans buzzing over it’s amazing detail and quality.

Over the past few years, gamers have only had a few different games that can compete with Destiny. With the decline of Destiny’s player count and the lack of interest from many long-term players, many have been wondering when the next Destiny-type game will arrive to steal the spotlight and create a whole new experience for players to enjoy.

From what we have played of The First Descendant, it is looking to be a potential contender for the title of “Destiny Killer“. The story starts quite simple, as the players are looking for one of three artefacts known as the Ironheart that can save the world. Still, once the game sets up the story, it dials back the end-of-the-world worries and allows the player time to get to grips with the world they are now inhabiting.

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Currently, within this crossplay open beta, there will be a select group of features that players can try, like the exploration element to the game, which is run similarly to Destiny. The game places you into a location that you can explore to your heart’s content, but sadly since this is an open beta, there isn’t a lot to find in these locations except for main quests and side quests, which is understandable.

Another feature that is available to players is the ability to create up to eleven different characters that they can try within the open beta so far; this is run similarly to Warframe as it provides the player with two options: they can either grind out specific resources that can be used to craft the new Descendant character or they can use a premium currency to cut out the grind, luckily this is all connected to the beta only and won’t impact players on release as their data will be refreshed on release.

The game itself looks absolutely stunning as it is run on Unreal Engine 5 and creates near-picture-perfect scenery for players to enjoy. As a bonus, this helps the weapons look amazing, as many players have been gushing over the glossy and detailed weapons they can use within this open beta.

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What Could Drag The First Descendants Down On Release?

First Look At The First Descendant Crossplay Open Beta And So Far It Is Looking Good
The First Descendant receives a lot of positive reviews from players during open beta.

When it comes to gaming, many players are getting bored with the same old content and stories that are constantly repeated throughout all different franchises in the gaming industry, and so far, this doesn’t look like a significant issue for The First Descendant story-wise, but content-wise there are still a few aspects that can be improved on that players have already begun to take notice of.

Since The First Descendants is still in open beta, it would be unfair to say these specific issues will make or break the game experience since these certain aspects can change closer to release. Currently, within The First Descendants, players have access to a boss battle system known as the Void Intercept Battle, which puts them against colossal enemies and is quite a fun experience. Still, it can grow dull quite quickly as the bosses have a large pool of health and can take a while to defeat.

This isn’t helped by the fact that there is no background music within the game, so whilst you’re having what feels like a climactic battle against a colossal enemy that should feel amazing, it has left many players feeling underwhelmed. However, since The First Descendant is still in the beta stages, it could have background music added in the final product, which could add some flare to these currently dull battles.

So far, the response from many who have tried The First Descendant has been mainly positive, besides minor issues that will most likely be fixed once the game is fully released. Still, from what players have seen during just a few hours of the open beta, it has many feeling like this free-to-play game could indeed be the “Destiny Killer” many have been waiting for.

What do you think about this information regarding The First Descendant? Have you been granted access to the open beta and are experiencing it yourself? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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