‘Flash saving the world is peak DC’: Fans Divided Over the Best Speedster Scene – Flash Breaking Time in ZSJL or Quicksilver Saving Everyone in the X-Mansion

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With multiple comic book and movie franchises that have built themselves a fan base, DC and Marvel have always shared the spotlight. Both of them have gone through the test of time to stand on top of their game. They had started with comic books and in the age of movies and franchises, both DC and Marvel have managed to build their universes respectively, only to receive success and fame rise beyond expectations.


With great success comes a greater fanbase and both Marvel and DC have been on the receiving ends of love in the form of a loyal and dedicated fanbase. Fans who try to prove their chosen universe stand superior, fans who go down that rabbit hole to find points that give them an edge over their competitor. In a similar situation, we have seen Marvel and DC fans go on to debate two separate scenes from DC and Marvel movies declaring their own speedster scene as the best there is.

The Flash in Zack Snyder's Justice League
The Flash in Zack Snyder’s Justice League

The Flash vs Quicksilver Debate

While DC and Marvel have had their battle for the ultimate comic book and movie franchise going on ever since their inception, their leading characters are in a war of their own. With comparisons starting from their iconic characters from each side with the likes of Superman and Batman from DC to Iron Man and Spiderman from MCU, the debate is never ending on who stands superior.


Something similar happened on the social media platform Twitter, where a user tweeted about a scene from Zack Snyder’s Justice League, wherein Flash tries to save the world as he travels in time. The user tweeted:

As quite a number of users sided with him affirming that it is indeed the best speedster scene of all time, Marvel fans didn’t hold back as they criticized the plot, the CGI being overdone and weird. Some commented on the tweet stating the scene could’ve been done far better. A few of the tweets include:


A comment that garnered the maximum attention was from a supposed Marvel fan. The fan shared a clip from X-Men: Apocalypse, where Quicksilver entered the X-Mansion after Havok accidentally detonated the entire X-Mansion, and rescued everyone within half a second, failing only to save Havok himself.


The Prequel Movies introduced Quicksilver and is better than original x-men trilogy
The Prequel Movies introduced Quicksilver

DC fans came to the party to get their chance to go after Marvel. One of them commented on how Flash saved the whole world while Quicksilver only saved his family. Some fans believe that although the scene from X-Men was great, but Flash’s save was more impactful. A certain section talked about how the background music impacted the scenes significantly.


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The Never-Ending Tussle Between Marvel and DC

As Marvel fans argue that the MCU has done great work bringing unknown superheroes to the big screen, for example, Ant-Man, adding on to a brilliant origin story was just the cherry on top. But we can’t forget the best of all superhero origins, which many believe to be Batman & Superman. To chose one is definitely hard.


Talking about fight sequences, DC had some of the best fight sequences from the likes of Wonder Woman, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, and other movies.TV Shows like Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Netflix’s Titans have crossed their peers in terms of details in their action sequences. But how do we even talk about action sequences without taking the best into consideration, i.e, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. The battle sequences were phenomenal, something even DC fans could step back and admire.


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