Foamstars Looks to be Square Enix’s Latest Flop No-one Wants as it Barely Registers on Twitch

Foamstars actually feels different from Splatoon.

Foamstars Looks to be Square Enix's Latest Flop No-one Wants as it Barely Registers on Twitch


  • Square Enix announced the game in May 2023.
  • Foamstars is frequently being compared with Splatoon.
  • The game has extremely low number of views according to TwitchTracker.
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Foamstars, the soapy multiplayer game by Square Enix, is here and appears to have already lost player’s interest. The game was initially announced during the PlayStation State of Play last year. The players who played its closed beta had fun playing it, given there are currently only a few cartoony competitive multiplayer video games apart from Fortnite.


Players are required to eliminate the players from the opposing team using foam guns. Like Fortnite, they can create defenses using foam which can also be used to develop and alter the game’s map. Additionally, the developers promised to bring free seasonal updates throughout the year, including new character skins, maps, events, and more.

Foamstars Got a Flat-line on Twitch

Foamstars doesn't really got traction following the announcement.
Foamstars doesn’t really get traction following the announcement.

Meanwhile, data aggregator Twitch Tracker shows Foamstars garnered nearly 3K views on average following the release. Before that, during the closed beta phase, the game managed to reach nearly a thousand views during September and October 2023. The graph highlights flat-lining for the majority of the duration since the game’s inception.


However, the official release pumped the heart a bit with views peaking to over 29K on February 6, 2024. On weekdays, the game is being streamed by a lesser number of channels. On the contrary, it garnered 32 percent more views during this period. For the better part since Foamstars‘s name came to light, users have compared it to Nintendo’s Splatoon.

The latest game in the Splatoon series, Splatoon 3, is ranked number 219 in contrast to Foamstars which stands at 299 at the time of writing. Moreover, the splashy shooter game had 102K viewers at its peak on September 9, 2023, according to Twitch Tracker. The stats make it clear for now who has got more love from fans globally.

Splatoon Shares Its Own Differences

Gamers are comparing it with Nintendo's Splatoon.
Gamers are comparing it with Nintendo’s Splatoon.

The ones comparing the Square Enix game are likely seeing it from a vantage point of gameplay and not the features it brings to the table. For one, the game uses foam as its base characteristic rather than the paint that Spaltoon avatars use. And if the gameplay is concerned, maybe Call of Duty Warzone is a clone of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, just better.


Undoubtedly, the core game mechanic in both, Foamstars and Splatoon, is shooting. Nevertheless, one major difference is that players are shooting foam and not ink, or paint. Furthermore, themes differ a bit too with Square Enix’s game featuring more light colors like pink and light blue. Meanwhile, the other game has darker shades of colors.

Another interesting feature of Spatoon is that a player can transform into a squid-like creature during the movement for transition which is currently not a part of the other game. Instead, Foamstars players can use surfboards for the obvious reason.

For an untrained eye, it is really easy to look for the differences these games carry. To this, it is suffice to say both the games share their differences, be it gameplay or user views. Now that Foamstars is live, future stats will draw a clearer picture for users.


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