For the First Time in History, Sony Beats MCU in 2024 in 1 Area: Every Marvel Movie Releasing Next Year, Ranked According to Hype

These movies are expected to be box-office hits and have generated a lot of excitement.

For the First Time in History, Sony Beats MCU in 2024 in 1 Area: Every Marvel Movie Releasing Next Year, Ranked According to Hype


  • Sony is ahead of Marvel Studios in terms of upcoming releases in the MCU for 2024.
  • They have established their own successful Marvel Universe and have rights to several Marvel characters.
  • The upcoming slate includes the movies "Madame Web," "Kraven the Hunter," "Venom 3," and "Deadpool 3".
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As for the 2024 releases based in the MCU are concerned, Sony is ahead of the primary MCU movies for the first time in history. Sony rose to prominence with their unique approach to handling the Marvel projects within their rights.

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures

Many might argue the fact that Sony has established a fantastic Marvel Universe of their own, sometimes, even better than the original. The studio owns rights to several Marvel characters as they intend to use them to their box-office advantage as they have done it splendidly before. Here are the upcoming MCU slates of 2024 creating marvelous hype.

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4. Madame Web

Madame Web FandomWire
Madame Web. Credit: Marvel Comics

Dakota Johnson’s MCU debut as Madame Web has created a stupendous hype as the actor is among one of the most popular faces in Hollywood. But Johnson is not the only factor for the excitement in Madame Web, Sydney Sweeney joined the project to play Julia Carpenter a.k.a. Spider-Woman. The S.J. Clarkson-directed movie was written by Kerem Sanga, Burk Sharpless, and Matt Sazama for the big screen. Marvel Entertainment and Sony Pictures joined hands with Columbia Pictures, and Di Bonaventura Pictures to produce the movie while Sony Pictures Releasing is set to distribute the project. The movie is scheduled for release on 16 February 2024.

3. Kraven the Hunter

Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Kraven The Hunter
Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Kraven The Hunter. Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing


Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays Kraven the Hunter in J. C. Chandor’s 2024 movie of the same name. The trailer of the movie has created an enormous buzz among fans with the promising action sequences. The movie also features Russell Crowe, Alessandro Nivola, Ariana DeBose, Levi Miller, Fred Hechinger, and Christopher Abbott. Produced by  Columbia Pictures in association with Marvel Entertainment, Arad Productions, and Matt Tolmach Productions, the movie is scheduled to be distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing on 30 August 2024.


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2. Venom 3

Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock in a still from Venom: Let There Be Carnage
Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock in a still from Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing

Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock is coming back to the screen with all the action and humorous delight. The hype of the untitled project even extended when the rumor of  Andrew Garfield’s return as Peter Parker opposite Tom Hardy hit the mass media. Written and directed by Kelly Marcel, the third installment to the Venom franchise is set to make a remarkable entrance, and if Garfield’s web-slinger returns at all, it could be another box-office marvel as Sony has a reputation of making it work, almost every time. The movie is scheduled for 8 November 2024 release.

1. Deadpool 3

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3. Credit: Marvel Studios/Deadpool Twitter

No other movie has the bigger hype on the horizon than Deadpool 3. The movie with almost certainty will be a box-office spectacle. With the multiversal angle, Deadpool 3 will feature several characters including Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine who died in the 2017 movie, Logan. However, it would not mess with the Logan timeline, the actor assured that. Shawn Levy-directed, Ryan Reynolds-starrer movie is expected to be a huge hit as it has been one of the most hyped upcoming movies. Reynolds, and Levy alongside Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Wendy Molyneux, Lizzie Molyneux, and Zeb Wells penned the movie that is scheduled to hit the theaters on 3 May 2024.


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