Former James Bond Star Wants Liam Hemsworth to Have License to Kill, Wants to Repeat The Witcher Backlash By Replacing Henry Cavill

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With No Time to Die, Daniel Craig bid adieu to James Bond, ending an era and passing on the baton to the newer generation. However, it has been unclear to whom will he be passing on the baton. The showrunners have been clear that they want someone who will be able to play Bond for a decade at least. That in itself puts many of the actors we know and love today out of the race.


George Lazenby in an exclusive interview with TMZ said that Liam Hemsworth is the most worthy candidate to play James Bond. He stated several reasons as to why Hemsworth is the perfect actor to carry James Bond into the new era.

Former James Bond actor champions Liam Hemsworth as the next 007

George Lazenby as James Bond

No doubt Liam Hemsworth is an astounding actor with a near-perfect physique and has made a name for himself in an industry where his elder brother is insanely popular. Liam Hemsworth has already been a part of a franchise, The Hunger Games, and was also in The Independence Day.

Liam Hemsworth

Lazenby told TMZ that he finds Liam Hemsworth’s acting resume worthy enough to play 007, and he says the lad has enough experience to deal with media scrutiny and pressure that will come on him as he takes on Bond. He also believes that the 32-year-old actor has enough talent and fitness to churn Bond movies for a decade. The former Bond actor says that Hemsworth is a “good-looking Aussie dude“, so he fits the bill. Most importantly he adds the next bond should be “crazy enough, arrogant enough, confident enough, ambitious enough to take on the role”.

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British actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson has entered the race

The British actor is a solid candidate for the next Bond movies. Killer looks aside, he has proved his craft through films like Bullet Train and Kick-Ass. His screen presence is prominent and elevates the story and he can carry action sequences with poise.


Not just his past movies but the producers of James Bond even screen-tested Johnson, and Barbara Broccoli and co. loved the screen test and audition. Even though nothing is official, it is said that the audition going well makes the Kick-Ass actor frontrunner for James Bond.


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There have been many names thrown around for the next Bond, the drama is almost as interesting and thrilling as any of the Bond movies. After Lazenby endorsed Liam Hemsworth to be the next Bond, it created some controversy as Henry Cavill was the front-runner for James Bond amongst the audience. He has the looks, the action, the fame, and the charisma and will take our hearts away in that Bond suit. Plus after his exit from all major franchises, fans want him to be the next Bond.


After Liam Hemsworth replaced Cavill in The Witcher, major backlash followed

Henry Cavil

After Henry Cavill’s exit as Superman as well as from the Witcher franchise, fans want him to be the next James Bond. But after George Lazenby endorsed Liam Hemsworth for the role fans are not happy. Liam Hemsworth has already replaced Henry Cavill post The Witcher season 3, which was released on 25th December 2022 on Netflix.

When the news that Liam Hemsworth will be replacing Henry Cavill hit the internet, he and the showrunners faced enormous backlash from Henry Cavill’s fans. The showrunner assured everyone that they got everything under control and the fans should give the new change a chance. If Liam Hemsworth was to replace Cavill again, a bigger backlash would emerge from the viewers.

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Who will replace Daniel Craig?

Other than these three actors many names are floating around like Idris Elba, who found fame through The Wire; as well as Tom Hardy, Jack Lowden, Dev Patel, and Tom Hiddleston, keeping in mind his phenomenal performance in The Night Manager. Lucien Laviscount from Emily in Paris is also a possible candidate. Whoever will be the next James Bond will have to up their game because Daniel Craig is a hard act to follow.

Source: TMZ


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