Former Star Wars Boss Confirms Kathleen Kennedy Overstepped Her Boundaries With Sequel Trilogy, George Lucas Would’ve Never Let the Emperor Be Cloned

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The Star Wars franchise has been famous for its movies, TV series as well as comic books. The comic storyline had been parallel to that of the movies and the shows for a long time, which then in turn did shift away. The former Lucasfilm Director of Publishing had talked about how she joined the publishing and what according to her would have been for the expanded universe to be canon or not.

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The Emperor in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

She stated that although the expanded universe had a lot to offer, it drifted from a lot of storylines and was never meant to be canon. She elaborated that whatever it held was only a sidetracked story that was far from canon. According to her canon would only be what George Lucas would produce.

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George Lucas Never Wanted The Emperor To Be Cloned In Star Wars

According to the former Lucasfilm Director of Publishing, Lucy Autrey Wilson, the writers were constantly trying to maintain a sense of consistency within the comics so as to not oppose anything that George Lucas had created. She revealed that when the idea of creating books and comics for the series first came to life, Lucas had not really been involved with the making of these storylines.

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There had been given full creative freedom to the writers to take the lead and Lucas would only receive copies of the books and comics after they had been published. In The Dark Horse Trilogy, The Dark Empire is when George Lucas finally decided to share his point of view, stating that the Emperor would never be cloned. This cleared it out for Wilson to always pre-check plot points that could directly affect the main storyline of the Star Wars franchise. She then started sending him memos with yes/no questions for his approval and input in order to maintain proper consistency.

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The Emperor Gets Cloned In Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

George Lucas selling Lucasfilm to Disney made major changes in the Star Wars universe. Not only did Kathleen Kennedy, the President remark in 2019 about not having any source material for further movies, but she also told there were no comic books, or 800-page novels to support storytellers’ ideas, and they were independently working towards making something for the fans.

The Emperor in The Rise of Skywalker

The release of The Rise Of Skywalker created another barrier for the franchise because the movie did exactly what Lucas had claimed to be against, which is, cloning The Emperor in order to make him the antagonist of the movie.

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