“What the hell”: Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 has Nerfed More than the Weapons with Huge XP Problem Uncovered

Fortnite update faces backlash over XP changes.

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  • Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3's post-apocalyptic theme includes new vehicles and enemies.
  • Players have expressed frustration over reduced XP, which is impacting Battle Pass progression.
  • After the nerfed weapons, reduced XP is another problem for players looking to progress to level 200.
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Epic Games’ Fortnite has become a cultural phenomenon. The Battle Royale game has grown to captivate audiences with a multifaceted approach. Since its humble beginnings, Fortnite has gone through several evolutions as it offered numerous chapters and seasons with subsequent updates that morphed maps, storylines, gameplay mechanics, and of course the coveted Battle Pass. 


However, the most recent Fortnite update in Chapter 5 Season 3 has received a mixed response from players. With much of the ire aimed at an overall reduction in XP gain per match.

Fortnite Wrecked by the Grind?

Players are left frustrated due to the XP reduction in Wrecked.

Fortnite’s Battle Pass progression relies heavily on experience points. By completing challenges and performing well in matches, players earn XP to unlock tiers and rewards. While some weekly quests offer a slight XP bump, the amount earned through daily quests and in-match performance has been noticeably reduced.


This translates to a slower overall leveling experience, making it more challenging to reach coveted later-tier Battle Pass rewards like character skins and V-Bucks. Community reports suggest a total decrease of around 49,000 XP earnable per week compared to Chapter 4.

The overall XP has actually been NERFED! We get less xp overall 💀
byu/KvasirTheOld inFortNiteBR

This might seem insignificant, but for players who rely on completing the Battle Pass within a season, it can be a major hurdle. The recent reduction in XP could have several effects. The added effort required to level up might dishearten certain players, resulting in less overall time spent playing and participating.


Players may choose to focus on particular challenges rather than the main aspects of the game, like combat and exploration. Furthermore, some players might feel compelled to buy extra tiers to match the slower XP advancement. The initial impression of Chapter 5 Season 3 seems to be positive regarding the new theme, vehicles, and Battle Pass content.

byu/KvasirTheOld from discussion

Many players are excited about the cosmetics in the Battle Pass, especially the Fallout-themed Power Armor skin. However, the XP Nerf is dampening the fun for many players, creating a sense of grind and potentially impacting overall engagement.


New Season Brings Post-Apocalyptic Thrills and Player Frustration

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 brings a Mad Max element to the Battle Royale.
Chapter 5 Season 3 brings a Mad Max element to the Battle Royale.

The most recent chapter in the game presents a post-apocalyptic vibe in the Battle Pass for Chapter 5 Season 3. This theme encompasses a rough desert backdrop featuring scorching sands, towering rock formations, and sporadic oases providing respite from the heat.

The update, “Wrecked,” brings in a variety of new vehicle choices equipped with integrated nitro boost systems. Furthermore, the Chapter introduces fresh adversaries called the Wasteland Warriors, nefarious groups that roam the desert.

Players can earn rewards such as the nitro-fueled Megalo Don skin, pickaxes, gliders, and V-Bucks as they advance in the game. The most recent update also brings in a new narrative element, which is probably a continuation of the ongoing Zero Point saga involving various enigmatic forces competing for control in Chapter 5.


While fans are relishing the aesthetic and gameplay features of Wrecked, some individuals are expressing dissatisfaction with specific alterations. Several players believe that the grind has become excessive, especially for casual players, and have turned to social media platforms to express their concerns.

What are your thoughts about reduced XP in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3? Let us know in the comments.


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