Forza Motorsport Is Now Available to Pre-Load and It Is Huge

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Forza Motorsport is a matter of weeks away. And pre-loading was available for most versions from the start of last week. For those who haven’t started the pre-load, take this as a warning, you will need a substantial amount of space, as the game is huge.


In a recent blog post, there was detail provided by Turn 10 Studios about the list of achievements and more importantly, that the game was available to pre-load. But maybe the most surprising aspect was the file size.

Forza Motorsport – What You’ll Need

Forza Motorsport
Forza Motorsport is going to take up a massive amount of space.

The game is due for official launch on 10 October for PC and Xbox Series S/X or is available on 5 October, to those who ordered the Premium Edition and the Premium Add-ons bundle.


Not surprisingly, file sizes vary depending between console versions and the PC. It has been noted that the smallest file size is for the Xbox Series S, and players would have to free 100GB of space to install Forza Motorsport.

For the Steam version, the installed file size is said to be 118GB. However, Turn 10 Studios has pointed out that the download size is only 108GB. The version from the Microsoft Store is 1GB more at 119GB, but the Xbox Series X carries the largest file size.

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Forza Motorsport
Get your racing set-up dusted off, Forza Motorsport is nearly here.

Those players with the Series X looking to get their hands on Forza Motorsport will have to sacrifice 133GB of space, which is fairly substantial.

And whilst the File Sizes are huge, we are seeing these become more and more commonplace with recent titles.

One important thing to note is that only three versions of the game are available to pre-load at this time. The Steam version will be available to pre-install closer to the release of the game, according to Turn 10 Studios.


Turn 10 Studios has advised that in addition to the achievements, Steam players have the opportunity to earn up to 15 trading cards. These can be crafted into a unique badge which can then be ranked up.

And if you head over to the Steam Shop, there are various avatars, backgrounds and emoticons to give players the chance to bring some Forza flair to their Steam profile.

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Forza Motorsport
Turn 10 Studios have confirmed that the game has officially ‘gone gold’.

With a massive 57 achievements, players will have to draw on all their skills if they are looking to achieve the top Gamerscore. These are spread over the Builders Cup Career Play, Multiplayer, Free Play and Rivals mode.

But what are your thoughts on the latest news for Forza Motorsport? Are you surprised by the file sizes for this game? And will you need an SSD if you haven’t one already? Get in touch, drop us a comment, and let us know your thoughts.



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