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Friends: 9 Reasons Ross Was A Horrible Character

Friends 10 Reasons Ross Was A Horrible Character

Friends is one of the most popular shows in television history, and the show’s arrival on Netflix has spawned a slew of new commentary, and analysis. For years, the internet has been divided in finding whether Ross was a horrible character or merely a victim of circumstance. This list should convince you once and for all that the geeky paleontologist is not worthy of your sympathy. There are nine reasons which will prove that Ross was a horrible character:

He was a Total Hypocrite- As we have seen in the later seasons of Friends that Joey has been harboring profound feelings for Rachel but is hesitant to act on them out of respect for Ross. Ross tells Joey that nothing should get in the way of pursuing true love, but he quickly changes his tone when he discovers who Joey has a crush on. He is the most hypocritical character in show history.

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Manipulative- As we have seen during the whole season, he manipulates others just because he wants to mold a particular situation or wants a specific result in his favor, which makes him the worst character ever.

Friends: 10 Reasons Ross Was A Horrible Character

Ungrateful- No matter how much effort the other characters give to make things easy for Ross or make him feel special or help him or rescue him from any situation, he doesn’t appreciate any of his fellow characters.

Friends: 10 Reasons Ross Was A Horrible Character

He takes the prank way too far- The character makes fun of everything and everyone. Still, there must be a limit to everything, like making a fake call by being someone else or creating a lousy joke on a person’s accident. He takes every prank way too far. One example can be when he posted on the alumni college website that chandler is gay, showing he knows no limit.

Friends: 10 Reasons Ross Was A Horrible Character

He is Ultra Jealous- He wants everything and decides to leave Rachel. But when he sees her with someone else, he starts making inappropriate comments about it, making him a horrible character.

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He is Inappropriate- He doesn’t have basic manners that makes his behavior inappropriate. Imagine being in a death ceremony and abusing the dead person. Yes, that is the character of Ross, a completely ill-mannered person.

Friends: 10 Reasons Ross Was A Horrible Character

Super Needy- When you say human wants are unlimited, one can support you by quoting Ross. As we have seen in the show, his desires never get fulfilled. On the contrary, he always wants more and more no matter what others will feel about it.

Friends: 10 Reasons Ross Was A Horrible Character

He thinks he is always right- He considers himself a king or a boss. As they say Boss is always right. Yes, the character of Ross fits in this quote very well as he thinks he is always right; it doesn’t matter whether he is wrong or not.

Friends: 10 Reasons Ross Was A Horrible Character

Selfish- As discussed earlier, he is super needy and thinks very highly of himself. He always cared about himself no matter what would happen to others. A perfect example was when he stopped Rachel from going to France. He didn’t want her to leave him and made her miss a great career opportunity.

Friends: 10 Reasons Ross Was A Horrible Character

Childish- Ross acts very immaturely in more than one incidence and then laughs it off trying to make it seem like a joke. However, it was expected more from him but he didn’t deliver. And for these reasons, Ross is considered as a horrible character by many.


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