Friends: The Best Cold Opens Across All Seasons, Ranked

Friends are still considered one of the most entertaining shows ever on television. This series has always been one of the best sitcoms of the ’90s and is worth seeing repeatedly. One of the most exciting elements of Friends was the opening scene. Like many sitcoms, Friends cold open was essential and often hilarious.

The One With the Embryos is of the finest episode of Friends. In the cold, Joey and Chandler’s rooster’s noise wakes up Monica and Rachel. They both storm to their room and start banging the door. That’s the time when joey says their chicken is going through changes, and he thinks it’s becoming a rooster.

Season 4, Episode 12

When it comes to the best “Friends” colds, Season 3 came to the top. In this scene, Joey searches Monica’s fridge to get an idea of ​​the apple cider. Chandler offered to give it a try, and after a sip, Joey put the glass back in the fridge and said, “Yeah, it’s fat. I drank fat.” When Ross gets nervous, Joey offers him cider, but he declines. Joey comes back and asks Ross if he wants a glass of fat.

Season 3, Episode 2

In Manhattan’s Princess Leia Fantasy, the Cold Open begins with the group entering a coffee shop, discussing a woman who may or may not has winked at Joey (Matt LeBlanc). When the group suspects an affair while Joey vows that it happened, they find that their sofa is occupied as they walk through the door. Not only is her velvety sofa occupied, but the coffee house is whole, and there is no place to sit. So they stand there, stunned, and stare at strangers sitting in their seats.

Friends Central Perk
Season 3, Episode 1

Season 7, Episode 2, is probably one of the greatest episodes. In this vacation-themed episode, Joey gathers in Monica and Chandler’s apartment to discuss how Ross teaches Ben about this year’s Hanukkah. Phoebe proposes introducing Ben to Christmas skulls and the death of people, and Rachel says it may be time to teach Ben about Phoebe. 

The One With Rachel's Book
Season 7, Episode 2

The cold open of Season 9, Episode 7, is impressive. The episode takes place shortly after Emma is born, and Ross explains to Emma that he and Rachel are on a break. This ultimately leads to one of the hilarious moments of the show, where Ross sings “Baby Got Back” to Emma.

Friends; The One Where Rachel Has a Baby
Season 9, Episode 7

The Season 5 finale featured a two-part episode trip to Las Vegas. Ross and Rachel arrive last after sharing the flight. The two quarreled on a plane, and Ross drew a mustache on Rachel’s face. The Cold Open humorously shows Ross and Rachel entering the Las Vegas casino and showing strange expressions from passers-by. Eventually, Rachel understands what Ross did. 

The One in Vegas: Part 2
Season 5 finale

Rachel’s 30th birthday Season 7 Episode 14 is a flashback episode of the birthdays of five other friends. In this cold open, viewers see how upset Rachel is at turning 30 when Rachel closes the door on her friends, who appears to celebrate her.

 Season 7 Episode 14
The One Where They All Turn Thirty

Friends’ most creative colds occurred in Season 3. Joey is thinking of a song, “Baby Elephant Walk.” Phoebe quietly looks around and wonders, “Who is singing?” In response to Joey’s humming. It’s a hilarious moment when we know that Phoebe can hear the thoughts of others.

Friends "The One With the Race Car Bed"
Season 3, Episode 7

“1999, Joey’s Year!” episode focuses primarily on New Year’s gang resolutions. Monica and Chandler tell Joey that they are disappointed that they can’t kiss at midnight. Joey addressed this issue by telling everyone else to kiss in the middle of the night, and the result is excellent.

Monica and Chandler
Season 5, Episode 11
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