Frozen: 5 Things About Elsa That Don’t Make Sense


Disney’s Frozen is one of the highest-grossing animated films of the previous decade. Elsa, the Queen of Arendelle, has become a pop culture icon that a lot of fans relate to. She is, indeed, a complicated character that leans on both the hero and villain spectrum. There are a lot of things about her that need to be uncovered.

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Throughout the two movies, Elsa struggled with finding her true self and following the inner voice that will lead to her destiny. A lot of her family’s history was unraveled on the 2019 sequel, yet still, we have so many questions unanswered.


The Gloves

Frozen Elsa Gloves-1

Elsa’s parents believed that wearing gloves could prevent her from turning everything she touches into ice. This also became a symbolic object when she removed and tossed them into the air as a sign of freedom.


The mystery lies in the gloves. How is this exactly going to suppress the powers of the ice? Is this made of some special fiber or magical material that can control the flow of energy in her hands? There’s an idea that these gloves were just a placebo to train her mind not to get fixated on her powers.

Hiding Her Powers From Anna

Elsa and Anna Frozen


When Elsa accidentally hurt Anna while playing, their parents sought help to have Anna’s memory erased, including the knowledge of her sister’s powers. They also went to great lengths and separated them forever, not letting Anna come near Elsa.

This decision was sort of a rash one, not to mention, useless. Elsa would have managed her powers better when she had someone she could confide in. Had they been close growing up together, Elsa would have been less scared of herself.


The Coronation

Elsa Coronation

When Elsa’s parents died in a tragic shipwreck, she was immediately made the heiress of Arendelle. Upon turning 21, she was crowned as the new queen. While this rule applies to most royal families, it’s still unclear who took care of the kingdom during those times when Elsa was still a minor.


When her father, King Agnar, was crowned, he was barely of age, even younger than Elsa. His father also suffered a tragedy that required an immediate rule of succession. The waiting game for Elsa still remains a puzzle.

Frozen In Ahtohallan

Frozen Ahtohallan Elsa


Elsa has been summoned by a mysterious voice to Ahtohallan where she discovers the truth about her mother. The place is quite dangerous even for Elsa, and as she goes deep into the mystical place, she was frozen to death. What was the purpose of doing that when she was, in fact, called in the first place?

Running Away From The Castle

Frozen Elsa Powers


Elsa ran away from everyone, and this was one of the most iconic scenes from the movie. It showcased the famous “Let It Go” song. Her plan will work for a couple of days but how is she going to go about a week without any food or water? Can her powers sustain her? These are some of the questions that still puzzle the fans up to this day.


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