‘Furiosa’ Has Started Filming, Chris Hemsworth Confirms

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Furiosa actor Chris Hemsworth has confirmed that the production for the Mad Max prequel is underway. The film series took several years to make, with the recent one, Mad Max: Fury Road, being a huge blockbuster hit in 2015.


The movie starred Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy, and they led the movie to its success which gave George Miller the opportunity to continue the franchise. This time, Furiosa will be the center of the story.

Mad Max Saga Continues

Furiosa Anya Taylor-Joy


In 2020, it was announced that The Queen’s Gambit star, Anya Taylor-Joy, would portray the young Imperator Furiosa. Soon after, they announced that Chris Hemsworth would be joining the team, and he will play the main villain.

The movie has encountered several problems while preparing, much like the previous one. Set location was the primary concern, but thankfully, the film will be coming home to the Australian desert.

Furiosa Wasteland


Hemsworth shared a photo on Twitter confirming that they have started the production. The other cast has not posted anything yet, but certainly in the coming days when the filming takes more action, and the scenes get more intense.

Where It All Started

Chris Hemsworth Furiosa

There are no details regarding the plot as of yet, although reports say that it will take place before the apocalypse and the events that happened in Mad Max: Fury Road. Taylor-Joy has previously mentioned wanting to shave her head just like Charlize Theron. Hemsworth also revealed that he will play a new villain that fans have not seen before. This debunked the theories that he would play as the young Immortan Joe.


Now that Furiosa has started rolling the cameras, fans can now take a breath and just wait for the team to wrap up filming. Hopefully, the production will not experience any more delays and obstacles. Furiosa will arrive in theaters in May 2024.


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