This is How You Get the Game-Changing Banishers Gun in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

Take down the dead without getting too close.

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Don’t Nod’s latest effort, Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, is a solid original IP, which forces the player to make difficult narrative choices and presents some really compelling combat encounters. Although, one of the coolest features in the game isn’t made available to the player right away.


This is a shame, as the Banishers gun is a game-changing element once it is unlocked. Before we get into how you actually go about unlocking access to the Banishers gun, let us go over the reasons why it is such a pivotal element in terms of action gameplay.

The gun is a valuable weapon in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

Even before you unlock the gun in Banishers, it can be seen in this upgrade screen.
Even before you unlock the gun in Banishers, it can be seen in this upgrade screen.

For the first couple of hours of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, players are limited to utilizing a handful of melee attacks to get through combat scenarios. As you may have come to expect, these melee attacks can be expanded somewhat through a skill tree, however fighting your way through hordes of ghosts can still end up feeling somewhat lackluster before too long.


Thankfully, just as you start to grow tired of using the same handful of melee attacks, the game then introduces an option to attack at range. The introduction of the gun gives the combat in Banishers a new level of depth that was sorely needed. The decision to provide players with a versatile ranged weapon alongside the melee attacks was an inspired choice by Don’t Nod.

Vey early on, within the game’s opening hour, players are given access to their first campfire, which is where points can be spent unlocking abilities in the skill tree and gear can be tweaked. Within the gear menu, more astute players will encounter a glimpse of what’s to come, as the options for the gun can be seen, although it is not equippable just yet.

There is also an early cutscene in which Antea mentions using a gun to Red, only for him to inform her that the gun they have was damaged during an earlier encounter with a ghost that took place before the beginning of the game. Despite that tease possibly leading players to believe that the gun in question may be repairable to be used at a later stage in the game, this sadly never transpires. Thankfully though, it isn’t the only firearm on offer to our two heroes.


Boom, bang, fire power!

"You can't hide up there from me anymore you dumb dead douche."
“You can’t hide up there from me anymore you dumb dead douche.”

The first first haunting case presented to the player serves as something of a tutorial mission, and it is incredibly grim. After you have sorted through that tragic scenario, you will make your way to the first main village of the game. When you get here, you will be presented with a whole bunch of new haunting cases to take on, but you’d be better off ignoring these for now.

Instead, find a character called Thickskin and speak to her. She is one of the two Newsmith sisters and she will have just returned from a hunt. She will provided you with your next task, but she will also inform you that you will need a gun before undertaking this endeavor. Although she will refuse to give her own firearm over to you, claiming that she needs to hold on to it in order to protect the village.

So, the next thing to do is find and speak to the other Newsmith sister called Kate. Unlike Thickskin, Kate will hand over her gun to Red, opening up the ability to attack enemies at range. You will also now be able to shoot down collectibles and resources that were previously out of reach on order to pick them up. Enjoy your new gun!


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