Game Of Thrones: 7 Reasons Jon Snow Was Not As Awesome As You Think


The Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow, was a noble character that all the GOT fandom loves. He was a fearless warrior with high morale. However, when it came to his personal life, the highlight is that he was an illegitimate son of his father, which affected the way in which he was raised. He did not have a motherly figure as he was mostly ignored by Catelyn. Despite all, he was one of the most significant heroes on the show. However, there are some aspects about this character that disappointed the fans. Let’s dive in to see some of them.

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The truth about his blood: From the beginning, Snow was represented as a bastard of Lord Eddard Stark. Because of this, Eddard’s wife Catelyn even wished for his death at one point. After having a childhood full of hardships, the discovery of his true parents was quite a big deal for the audience. Except, his reaction was not worth the build-up. He learned the truth only to reject the throne and move on.

The truth about his blood- snow


A fitting leader?: We all know nobody deserved the title of Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch more than Snow. However, after gaining power, one of his first tasks was to execute Janos Slynt simply because he did not cooperate. Naturally, this invoked doubts about his opposing sides.

A fitting leader?- snow

The silly kill: Game of Thrones has killed many of its famous characters for the sake of its storyline. However, when they did it to Snow, the audience didn’t believe it, and for a good reason. Jon was brought back to life in the next season. Unfortunately, his resurrection had no significant impact, which questions how his death contributed to the storyline.

The silly kill


Execution of a young boy: The most natural response after coming back to life would be to seek revenge from his killers. Jon did the same. He executed all the mutineers who were involved in his death. But, this group also included Olly. While he was a severely hated character, he did not deserve the fate Snow brought to him. He was a young boy who was trying to avenge the death of his family. His story is as sad as it gets. Executing him wasn’t exactly heroic.

Execution of a young boy- snow

Snow’s Hypocrisy: Everyone was rooting for Jon and Daenerys as a couple. However, there were some apparent complications when we found that they were both related. Snow struggled with deciding the fate of his relationship for a long time. Given how easy it was for him to condemn Cersei and Jaime, his double standards were very well visible.

Snow's Hypocrisy


Killing Daenerys: It’s true that she became dangerous by the end, but there was so much Snow could have done to prevent all the final events. Killing her was a brutal call. Many fans believe that she was worthy of finding redemption.

Killing Daenerys

Jon’s return to Nights Watch: While it did feel nice to see him back in the Nights Watch, his existence there did not make sense. In fact, the very existence of Nights watch by the end was confusing. The Night King had gone, and the Wildlings were no longer a threat. Of course, this just defeats the purpose of having a Nights Watch in the first place.

Snow's return to Nights Watch


This was it for- some facts that puts Jon Snow under the grey light of questions. Even after everything, Jon remains one of our favorites, what about you? Let us know in the comments. For similar content, find our interesting videos and subscribe our YouTube channel.




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