Hawkeye: 5 DC Heroes Kate Bishop Could Beat (& 5 Who Would Roll Over Her)

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Hawkeye is an upcoming series that will also feature Kate Bishop as the new hero. She is the character fans admire more than anyone. She has been one of the best ever since we have known her, but with the upcoming Marvel series, her craze is only about to explode even more. With her extraordinary skills, there are some DC characters she can easily tackle and emerge victorious, but at the same time there are some with whom she may not win.



DAMIAN WAYNE: If we look objectively, it is evident that Damian is far more skilled and dangerous than Kate Bishop. However, his temper and big fat ego can quickly bring him down, which she can use in her fights against him.

Damian Wayne- Hawkeye
Can’t carry ego and victory together

BEAST BOY: It is established that Bishop is a brilliant opponent. She can observe the weaknesses of her opponent and use them against him. While Beast Boy is a compelling character, his affinity for beautiful women gives Hawkeye an upper hand in the battle.

This woman will take him down

STEPHANIE BROWN: As accomplished as Stephanie is, her powers cannot stand a chance in front of Kate. Whether it’s hand-to-hand combat or battle strategy, Kate seems to overpower her in every way.

STEPHANIE BROWN- Hawkeye opponent
She’s tough, but Hawkeye is tougher

WILDCAT: He is a mighty hero, yet he doesn’t hold a candle against Kate. He has muscle power but he isn’t as smart. Furthermore, he is highly predictable, the worst trait to have against someone as intelligent as Kate.

Muscle power is not enough

TIM DRAKE: As much as he’s talented, he is also weak at understanding tricks. Unfortunately, Kate would not give him a chance to apply his intellect and defeat him even before he realizes it.

Tim Drake- Hawkeye
The mastermind is still not smart enough for Kate


NIGHTWING: Kate is bright, but that is not enough to win over someone like Nightwing. His excellent combat skills and super speed give him an upper hand that Kate cannot overcome.

The superfast fighter

RED HOOD: We can begin to discuss his abilities, but seeing the history of opponents Red Hood has faced, it’s evident that she will not stand a chance against him.

It’s impossible to overpower him

CASSANDRA CAIN: In the entire history of Kate’s opponents, you won’t find anyone like Cain. She is the greatest warrior of all time, and there’s no way Kate can stand against her.

Cassandra Cain
The one who defeated Lady Shiva

BLACK CANARY: It’s not just the Canary Cry but also her incredible fighting skills. So let’s just put it this way – If Kate Bishop is good, Black Canary is better. And there’s no debate about it.

The violent screamer

GREEN ARROW: While Kate is herself a brilliant archer, she can’t overpower Green Arrow. It is hard to imagine them as opponents, but if we were to explain Green Arrow’s superiority over Hawkeye, we could say that Green Arrow can become the perfect mentor to her.

The most humble superior


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