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Game of Thrones Actor Sean Bean Rumoured To Be in Talks to Play MCU’s Mephisto

Sean Bean as Mephisto

Sean Bean, the actor who played the iconic Ned Stark in Game Of Thrones, has been revealed to be under consideration to play the satanic villain from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Mephisto. The Game Of Thrones actor is being seen as the perfect match to play the character falsely rumored to be appearing in every MCU project since WandaVision.

Sean Bean
Sean Bean As Ned Stark

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Who is Mephisto?

The first appearance of Mephisto as a character in MCU was in The Silver Surfer #3 in 1968. Mephisto is said to be based on a demon character from Faust legend known as Mephistopheles. He is known as the evil force that brought the trouble of Green Goblin and Kindred in Spider-Man’s life after he transform Harry And Norman Osborne into villains, respectively.


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He also caused the depressing annulment of the marriage between Mary-Jane Watson and Peter Parker when Peter made a deal with the demon in order to save his aunt’s life when she succumbs to death.

Considered to have fathered the creation of Cosmic Ghost Rider, Mephisto also happens to collectively be the villain in Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom, and other superheroes’ lives.

He also appeared in the movie Ghost Rider (2007) starring Nicholas Cage and was played by Peter Fonda.

Sean Bean As Mephisto?

The incredibly talented and British Academy Television Award 2022 winner of Leading Actor in Time, Sean Bean has been in the talks to play the demonic character, Mephisto, according to reports

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A huge part of the Marvel fanbase has been indulged in wondered when and where will the appearance of one of their favorite villains will take place in MCU.

Mephisto As Portrayed In The Marvel Comics

Although they have been waiting for a long time to hear the announcement of this villain in the movies and series, this news of rumored casting is a huge relief to fans. Sean Bean may be being considered for this because of his past encounters with playing similar ‘look good, do bad’ characters such as Boromir from Lord Of The Rings or Agent 006 in Goldeneye.

Sean Bean
Sean Bean

Whatever may be the reason, this news brings hope to the fans of the villain who had begun to think that maybe Kevin Feige forgot about the incredibly powerful and evil, Mephisto.

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