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Game of Thrones Director Matt Shakman Confirmed to Helm Fantastic Four Project, Fans Worried He Might Not Land the Final Arc of the Movie Like Wandavision

Wow! Those are some big names for a person to have in a single title, but Matt Shakman has done it. After directing two episodes of Season 7 of Game of Thrones (Eastwatch and The Spoils of War), the director went on to Amazon’s The Boys. Following the release of WandaVision (also directed by Matt Shakman) which paved the way for Marvel to enter the series business, it is reported that Matt Shakman will now be directing the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

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Matt Shakman along with Peter Dinklage on the sets of Game of Thrones (2011-2019).
Matt Shakman along with Peter Dinklage on the sets of Game of Thrones (2011-2019).

Fantastic Four finds itself a director

After being announced at the San Diego Comic-Con 2022, the fans have been unable to keep their calm, but no news on the movie has been revealed yet. It was Jon Watts who was initially supposed to helm the project as the lead director before dropping out of the project as he felt the “comics books” had become a bit too much for him. Stepping in his shoes is now the director of WandaVision and Kevin Feige’s personal favorite, Matt Shakman.

Matt Shakman on the set of WandaVision.
Matt Shakman on the set of WandaVision.

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However, the fans are somewhat worried about the director’s method. As much as WandaVision was praised for its ingenuity and suspense beyond compare, the series finale felt rushed and more forced according to several fans. Hoping that this shouldn’t be the case in the Fantastic Four movie, the fans took to Twitter,

The unsatisfying projects of Matt Shakman

The episode titled "Cherry" from The Boys was also directed by Matt Shakman.
The episode titled “Cherry” from The Boys was also directed by Matt Shakman.

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Now, it is not our opinion that the projects done by the director feel unsatisfying, but the 47-year-old American has mixed reviews from the public regarding his projects. Although WandaVision is regarded as one of the best series that Marvel has to offer and the series that paved the way for Marvel to enter into the series business, several people felt its ending to be forceful. As if, the battle between good vs. evil was a necessity even though the main plot could have been Wanda’s health. Instead, the series ended with Agatha and Wanda engaging in a 1v1 with their powers and the Scarlet Witch winning.

Matt Shakman is also known for directing the S07E04 of Game of Thrones i.e., The Spoils of War which is regarded as one of the best episodes in the series that doomed itself in season 8. So far, there has been no official cast confirmation for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. The only info is that it will release on 8th November 2024 and will kick off Phase 6 of the MCU.

Source: Deadline

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