‘Get in line, Ser Criston’: Fans Troll House of the Dragon Star Fabien Frankel After He Gets Jealous of Milly Alcock Getting To Kiss Matt Smith But Not Him

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House of the Dragon had a lot of parallels with Game of Thrones especially when it came to characters and their traits. A lot of new and amazing characters were introduced during the days of the Targaryen reign. But like Game of Thrones, there were a few this time that you’d just end up hating. And one of those is none other than Ser Criston Cole, played by Fabien Frankel. He’s one salty dude as he went on to hate Rhaenyra. Apparently, Fabien Frankel was jealous of Rhaenyra actor Milly Alcock in real life as well, and the fans had some interesting reactions to that.

Fabien Frankel, Matt Smith and his Dog

On-screen rivalries aside, the cast involved with the first season of House of the Dragon bonded pretty well behind the scenes. And one of the better friendships formed is between Daemon Targaryen actor Matt Smith and Fabien Frankel. While they’re sworn to different queens on screen, they’re best buds off camera! In fact, looking at their photos just chilling with each other, rumors began to float that the two actors are actually dating one another. And Frankel has said something yet again which would spice those rumors up even further.

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Fabien Frankel’s Love for Matt Smith

Fabien Frankel loves Matt Smith?

The British actor recently attended Comic Con Stockholm and he revealed something that makes people question his sexuality. We’ve seen how Criston Cole stopped supporting Rhaenyra when she practically broke his oath of chastity, tainted his honor, and then denied the offer to marry him. From that point onwards, he was totally anti-Rhaenyra and swore to protect Queen Alicent instead. But maybe, a kiss from Daemon could have resolved that matter. While Criston Cole hates Rhaenyra for not being completely honorable, Fabien Frankel admitted to being jealous of Milly Alcock as she got to kiss Matt Smith and not him!

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Fan Reactions to Fabien Frankel’s Statement

Fabien Frankel Matt Smith

Love or hate Ser Criston Cole, you’ve got to share this sentiment with Fabien Frankel. Anyone would be jealous of Milly Alcock, and maybe even Emma D’Arcy who went 2 steps ahead as the season progressed. But, here’s how the fans have reacted to his revelation:


People are in doubt:


Did you consider this connection?

Others relate!!


Okay Last One!



This isn’t the first time Frankel expressed his admiration for his costar. Previously in an interview with the Times of London, Frankel said that he found Matt Smith to be really “Sexy” as Daemon. He said:

“Matt’s damn sexy in this show, he’s the sexiest I’ve ever seen him,”

You just can’t deny these facts, can you?


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All Hail Matt Smith

Matt Smith is among the sassiest men alive and he showed that in not one, but two projects of 2022. Before establishing his dominance as Daemon Targaryen, he also appeared as the villainous Vampire, Loxius Crown, and gave us this epic moment:

Milo Dancing - Morbius 2022


Sure, Morbius was a hideous movie and Crown was a pretty one-dimensional character. But Matt Smith still had a lot of fun playing him and he ensured that all the people torturing themselves with a Morbius screening would at least get something out of it!

House of the Dragon season 2 will presumably return in 2024. So that’s when Frankel and Smith would return as enemies! House of the Dragon Season 1 is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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