Gilmore Girls: 5 Times Rory Acted Like Lorelai

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Like mother, like daughter – that is how Lorelai and Rory Gilmore’s relationship appears to be. These Gilmore girls always walk the same, talk the same, and are very much alike no matter how opposite their personalities are in the show.


The fact that Lorelai got pregnant at such a young age and was forced to raise Rory alone has had a powerful impact on the young lady’s upbringing. Being constantly around her mom absolutely influenced her disposition and approach in life. Let’s take a look at some of the scenes from Gilmore Girls and see how much Rory is indeed just like Lorelai!

She Can’t Forget Her High School Love

Gilmore Girls Rory and Dean


Rory and Dean got together in high school and it is truly a memorable experience for Rory. It was her first taste of love and surely it will always be something special for her. Lorelai and Chris had a relationship in their teenage years and Rory was the fruit of their love. Even though they were separated, she has always had a strong connection with Chris.

She Uses Sarcasm At Awkward Situations

Rory Gilmore Girls

Drama is always present in Stars Hollow and everyone seems to have their own issue to solve. Teenage life is tough and there are so many things they need to confront. Sometimes, teens just don’t have the mental capacity to deal with serious matters, and Rory uses sarcasm as her shield.


When things get a little heated up, Lorelai always excuses herself that she needs coffee or she has to be somewhere. Rory, on the other hand, makes white lies to get herself out of trouble. Sometimes, she just claims she’s only hungry.

She Loves Junk Food And Movies

Rory and Lorelai 2

It is no wonder that these Gilmore girls love chill weekend nights where they would just sit back, order Chinese food, and watch old movies. Both Rory and Lorelai have a taste for junk food and it is certainly their best way of bonding after a long day at work and school.


Lorelai’s mother, Emily, detests this lifestyle. Perhaps the only time they get to have a healthy dinner is when they visit her parents every Friday night.

She Hid Her Relationships

Rory Dean Gilmore Girls

Rory will tell her mother every single thing but not about her relationships. When she started dating Dean, she hid it from Lorelai. Perhaps out of fear or something else, yet Rory tends to hide big, special events in her life.


Lorelai also hid her relationship from her parents. There were a lot of things she never told them simply because she thought they would not understand. Rory must also think the same.

She Leaves When Things Go Wrong

Rory Gilmore Girls

The way Lorelai raised Rory reflects how she was also raised by her parents. And because they did not have healthy communication, Lorelai tends to leave without any word. A small argument, a few shouting sessions, and then she walks out the door.


Rory followed in her mom’s footsteps just the same. When she could not get what she wants or get out of a dire situation, she leaves. We surely know where she got this habit of walking away.


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