“Go watch Euphoria”: Riverdale Star Cole Sprouse Lashes Back at Haters For Trolling Campy Teen Series For Getting Too Absurd

Riverdale Star Cole Sprouse Lashes Back at Haters For Trolling Campy Teen Series For Getting Too Absurd

After seven long seasons, CW’s Riverdale is finally coming to an end. Since 2017, the show has witnessed some drastic changes and fans have complained that it is no longer a teen drama because of its weird addition of cults, magical witches, and superpowers.

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The show has been trolled ruthlessly on social media and now, the cast of the show has decided to clap back at the haters. The stars defended the show saying that the absurd elements help them in standing out. Actor Cole Sprouse claims that if fans are looking for a show that acknowledges teens going through relationship drama, then they should watch Euphoria.


The cast of Riverdale clapped back at the haters

KJ Apa, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart in Riverdale
KJ Apa, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse, and Lili Reinhart in Riverdale

CW’s Riverdale has been trolled a lot on social media because the creators have completely changed the trajectory of the show’s plot and added some over-the-top ideas like creepy cults, magical witches, and cringe superpowers. All this led to heavy criticism from the fans, however, the cast of the show recently responded to the hate. In an interview with Vulture, actress Lili Reinhart said,

“I think it’s important to acknowledge that our show is made fun of a lot. People see clips taken out of context and are like, ‘What? I thought this was about teenagers’ and we thought so as well – in Season 1. It’s really not been easy to feel that you’re the butt of a joke. We all want to be actors; we’re passionate about what we do. So when the absurdity of our show became a talking point, it was difficult.”

The show is finally coming to an end after seven seasons. The first season of Riverdale aired on The CW on January 26, 2017.


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Cole Sprouse says the trolls should watch Euphoria instead

Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones in Riverdale
Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones in Riverdale

Further in the interview, Camila Mendes, who plays Veronica in the show, added that the show is supposed to be like that,


“We’re a comic book; it’s supposed to be fun and fictional and weird. If you want to watch a teen show where there’s just a bunch of kids in a high school dealing with relationship drama, there’s a lot out there.” Cole Sprouse then suggested, “Go watch Euphoria.”

As per the stars of the show, all these strange additions actually help them in keeping the audience hooked. It helps them in standing out from the rest of teen drama shows.

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Camila Mendes compared their show to superhero movies

The main cast of Riverdale
The main cast of Riverdale

In the interview, Mendes also compared Riverdale to superhero movies, pointing out that no one makes fun of it, however, when Riverdale does it, it’s blown out of proportion,

“Superhero movies are the main thing at the box office these days, and those are the most absurd stories you could imagine! You’ve got a f**king talking raccoon fighting aliens in space! No one’s like, ‘This makes no sense.'”

The hate primarily comes due to the sudden shift in the theme of the show. The season of the show focused more on the teen drama aspect, however, as the show progressed, some big changes were made that caught the attention of the trolls.


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