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Riverdale Star Lili Reinhart Says Show’s Bizarre Kissing Rule: No Tongue

Riverdale Star Lili Reinhart

Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart has revealed in a podcast that CW happens to have some very bizarre rules including one that says ‘no tongue kissing!’

Yes, yes. I know. How do you expect teenagers to have full-blown make-out sesh onscreen without even a little tongue action?! That doesn’t bother CW at all but it does the actors it hires and Lili Reinhart is no exception.

Riverdale Title Card
Riverdale Title Card

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Riverdale And The Steaminess Capable Of Cooking Food

Riverdale isn’t just a show known for its…different plots and steamy as h*ll scenes.

For instance, that one season where Archie and Veronica could absolutely not in any condition keep their hands off each other even though Veronica’s dad hated the guy (that tiny fact seemed to make them even more into it).

Riverdale Cast
Riverdale Cast

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Or when Betty and Jughead could not control themselves when Jughead moved to a different high school and she visited him or that time when they did it in the hidden bunker!

Watching those scenes you would never think that something as ordinary as tongue action was not happening! Kudos to the actors for making it look so real!

Lili Reinhart On The CW ‘No Tongue Policy’

During an interview on a podcast, Lili Reinhart expressed what it was like working as an actor for Riverdale.

Since the show has announced its ending with its last season dropping next year in 2023, Lili Reinhart who plays Betty Cooper in the show has confessed how the change from working in Riverdale to not working in it anymore is going to change her career.

Actress Lili Reinhart
Actress Lili Reinhart

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According to the actress, she never really got to explore her youth sexual desires even as a character while working for CW. She explained how the rule of using no tongue while filming kissing scenes really restricted her from exploring more dynamics while playing the role of a teenager.

It must be hard to transition into more adult roles for someone who has worked as long as Lili Reinhart did in a show that doesn’t even allow a little bit of adult content to be shown on screen.

You can stream all seasons of Riverdale on Netflix.

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