God Of War: 10 Most Insanely Strong Bosses – Ranked


The God of War series of games have pit the players against a host of rogue Gods, deities, and creatures. Some of them were forgettable. And there were a few whose strength truly ungodly. Here are the strongest bosses from the God of War series. They were the bane pf every player who ever played the game.

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Colossus of Rhodes

god of war colossus of rhodes


The only reason we have included the Colossus of Rhodes in this list is because it is the first big battle in the entire God of War series. The sheer size of Colossus of Rhodes put the fear of God into the players. It had soldier reinforcements and hit with such force that it sapped most of the life out of Kratos’ health bar. Weapons like the catapults also dealt massive damage to Kratos. Where many players faltered was taking a breather and calmly making their way to Colossus. Most of the players would never be patient, finding it tempting to rush towards things like the Blades of Olympus. That led to an early defeat.

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god of war charon

God of War has four mainstream games but there are several other console games are also part of the franchise. God of War: Chains of Olympus is one such spin-off title for the Playstation handheld console. One of the many bosses Kratos fought in this game was Charon, the Ferryman of Death. You might think of him as a joke who could not do much harm but Charon has many tricks up his sleeve that make him a force to be reckoned with. He could teleport instantly throughout the battlefield. Mostly preferring long range attacks, Charon had the perfect defense to Kratos’ short range tactics. He also had the power of healing him-self mid-battle, which only dragged the fight further.



hercules god of war

Both Hercules and Kratos are made out of the same clay. Kratos is an angry young God trying to prove his mettle to the Gods and so is Hercules. Hercules is roughly the same size as Kratos. The Greek God of Strength came loaded with mythical weaponry that could stand up to Kratos’ blades. Hercules met a rather grizzly end in the game. Kratos snatched his Lion Fists off of him and used them to pound his face repeatedly until there was nothing left but a big meaty pulp. That sequence captured the very essence of the God of War franchise.



god of war ares

The God of War franchise has come a long way since the first game released in 2005. The story has developed further and many more big bad wolves have graced the God of War universe with their presence. But the original villain of the game that almost gave Kratos a run for his money was the 2005 game’s Ares, the Greek God of War. Ares is a very difficult foe to overcome. It takes a lot for the player to defeat him. The primary reason for that would not be his colossal size but his attacks are unavoidable. There is a part of the fight where Kratos has to defend hallucinations of his dead family. That is a battle which is taxing physically as well as emotionally.


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god of war sigrun


The 2018 reboot of God of War took a new turn and established Kratos in a brand new mythos. He was forced to venture into Norse mythology, fighting deities and creatures from the folklore of the Vikings. Sigrun, in this game, is the Queen of the Valkyries. The game shows Sigrun as an armored angel with an extensive arsenal of attacks. She is one of the most versatile bosses of the God of War series. A few consecutive hits from her attacks and Kratos would be lying dead on the floor. And the best part is no matter what the difficulty level is Sigrun is still an absolute powerhouse. Sigrun’s strategy does not leave many openings for the players to explore. She is also the last of the Valkyries that Kratos faces in the game, which is itself a challenge.

The Kraken

god of war kraken


The later end of God of War II has some of the most fan-favorite boss fights in the entire franchise. Most of that part of the game involves hours and hours of mindless rampaging through enemy soldiers and finding a way to track down the treasured alcove of the Sisters of Fate. The game has multiple exciting and engaging boss fight encounters throughout Kratos’ journey in God of War II but one boss fight of particular mention should be the Kraken. The monstrous Kraken is introduced to the game at the very end. But it has some of the goriest and bloodiest fight scenes ever seen in the history of the Playstation console. The Kraken is hard to kill. The only way Kratos could do it was by slamming an extendable bridge at light-speed into its mouth.


god of war poseidon


When Poseidon enters the scene, most of the players freaked out. We are pretty sure when you saw the Greek God of the Sea for the first time with his trident and the huge waves of water you were taken aback by his grandeur. We all instantly knew that the fight with Poseidon would be different than the other Bosses Kratos had fought and defeated previously. Poseidon is a vengeful deity and throws everything he has at the player. It takes quite a bit of time to start predicting the Sea God’s attack pattern. Until you do, you run the risk of driving your health bar very low. But the size of Poseidon meant that his attacks are also easy to dodge and do not leave mush for the element of surprise.


god of war cronus


One of the very first Titans to roam the Earth, Cronus was arguably one of the largest enemies Kratos has ever fought. The lumbering giant made Kratos look like a tick. Kratos has a bad habit of destroying anything he came into contact with. Cronus was no exception. Watching Kratos traverse Cronus’ body and hurt him enough to make even such a gigantic Titan fall was a spectacle to watch on screen. Kratos defeated Cronus by nipping the dude in the thumb. Why? Because that’s all the God of War could do against the might Cronus.


God of war Alecto


Alecto was one of the Furies who were formed from the blood of Ouranus after Cronus castrated him. Alecto is the Goddess of Wrath and Anger and is in charge of punishing mortal men who commit unforgivable crimes out of rage. In God of War: Ascension, Alecto takes the final form of a Sea Monster. In this frightening form, Alecto is a force of nature, her tentacles run deep into the abyss of the ocean. Kratos had to fight to the bitter end when it came to Alecto. He finally managed to defeat her by impaling the mast of an entire ship into her mouth and ripping apart her skull.

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god of war zeus

Zeus is the King of Mount Olympus and the King of the Greek Gods. A pretty powerful figure of the Greek Pantheon, Zeus was one of the last bosses Kratos fought that brought his saga of revenge against Olympus to a close. In God of War III, Kratos fights Zeus for the last and final time. The final battle happens after a bunch of other leveled matches, which are designed to wear down Kratos and bring his power levels down. Zeus’ attacks are extremely hard to avoid. His lightning and thunderbolts deal a lot of damage to Kratos. Even the final QTE sequence demands a lot from the players. Kratos fought Zeus in God of War II as well but it is his fight with the King of the Greek Gods in God of War II that is worth mentioning.



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