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God Of War: Every Character Confirmed Or Returning & Who Will Voice Them

God Of War Every Character Confirmed Or Returning Who Will Voice Them

The long-awaited sequel of the very famous Play Station game God Of War (2018) is finally about to launch in the year 2022. In this newly formed game, some old characters are expected to show up, but with a new game comes new surprises. Therefore, you can expect some new characters in the game.

1. The cast from God Of War (2018) is all set to bang their roles in the game’s sequel. Sunny Suljic as Atreus, Alastair Duncan as Mimir, Christopher Judge as Kratos, and Bisutti as Freya. These are the ones who are coming in the sequel for sure.

God Of War

2. Morla Gorrondona had a pretty successful career as a voice artist. She voiced Eris Morn from Destiny 2, and now she is all set to play Beyla, The Norse Goddess Of Bees. Beyla is a servant to Freyr and will add an exciting touch to the game.

God Of War

3. Shelby Young has played many roles in other video games. And now, in God Of War, Shelby will play the role of Skuld, The Norse Goddess Of Fate.

God of War Mimir 1

4. Evanne Friedmann has a whole extensive film career and a viral channel too. But this time, Evanne will be seen as Gná, The Goddess Of Wind in the sequel. Gná is known as the messenger goddess and is a servant to Freya.

kratos god of war ps4

5. Erica Lindbeck has previously worked in cartoons, anime and other video games like Marvel’s Spider-Man as Black Cat. Erica is chosen for the role of Hrist, a Valkyrie For Freya in the upcoming sequel. It will be interesting to see how Erica will play the part.

God Of War

6. Another exciting character in the sequel is Angrboða, Wife Of Loki, played by Laya de Leon Hayes. Laya has worked in multiple TV shows and films. She’s been on the acting platform since she was five years old. Angrboða’s role is full of kindness, and being the mother of Jörmungandr and Fenrir, her role is fascinating.

God Of War

7. Next in the list of God Of War comes Usman Ally, who is cast to play Durlin, a Dwarf Tradesman. Usman has a long history of working in theatre, TV, films, and his most admirable work was in a video game. Durlin is the second dwarf who was born after the first dwarf Mótsognir. From the trailer, it is hard to say about Durlin’s performance in the game.

God Of War

8. Richard Schiff has performed in films like Man of Steel and shows like West Wing. This time it will be intriguing to see what Richard has to offer for the role of Odin The Allfather. After watching the trailer, it’s hard to say if Odin will be the main villain in God Of War: Ragnarok.

God Of War

9. Ben Prendergast has a significant career as General Hux in the Star Wars animated series. Ben will be playing the mysterious role of Tyr, God Of War. Tyr had a significant role in God Of War (2018) and he is a really strange character. By the trailer, we can notice that Tyr will continue to solve the mystery and how he’ll succeed in stopping Ragnarok.

'God Of War'

10. Ryan Hurst is all set to play the Thor, the God Of Thunder. Ryan has an outstanding career in the film industry. But this time, it will be interesting to see how Ryan will perform as Thor. Thor was insulted so severely at the end of the first part of the game that he is now pissed since both Kratos and Atreus murdered his brother and sons.

God Of War

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