The God of War Ragnarok Valhalla DLC Takes Longer to Beat Than the CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Campaign

Valhalla could take around 10 hours.

The God of War Ragnarok Valhalla DLC Takes Longer to Beat Than the CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Campaign


  • God of War Ragnarok DLC Valhalla is longer than the Modern Warfare 3 campaign.
  • Valhalla can take around 10 hours to see everything, while the MW3 campaign took around 5-7 hours.
  • God of War Ragnarok Valhalla is available for free on both PS4 and PS5.
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Santa Monica Studio announced last week at The Game Awards 2023 that God of War Ragnarok will get a DLC expansion called Valhalla. The announcement took everyone by surprise, but what was more shocking was that the DLC expansion would be absolutely free. The DLC was released on December 12, and after downloading the free expansion, players have discovered that the DLC Valhalla takes longer to beat than CoD: Modern Warfare 3‘s campaign.

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God of War Ragnarok Valhalla Tops Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Length

God of War DLC expansion is longer than the COD Modern Warfare 3 campaign.
The DLC expansion is longer than the Call of Duty: MW3 campaign.

Kratos actor Christopher Judge made a joke at The Game Awards 2023 when he was on stage to present an award. He stated that his speech at The Game Awards 2022 was longer than this year’s Call of Duty campaign. This hurt a lot of people, including the game developers, but unfortunately, it’s true, as the Modern Warfare 3 campaign is indeed short compared to its usual length.


Players have now discovered that the expansion is longer than the MW3 campaign. According to How Long to Beat, the expansion’s main story takes around 6 hours, and the completionist run takes around 8 hours. However, some players have said that there are around 10 hours of content if they want to visit every place in this new location and see everything.

The length of the expansion’s main story could vary depending on the players’ choice of difficulty. Moreover, it is a Roguelite expansion, and there will be much for players to explore and do even after they have finished the main story. Players will be able to unlock more of Kratos’ upgrades, visit places, engage in challenges, and more, ultimately spending more time. An X/Twitter user stated:


Just finished god of War Ragnarök Valhalla DLC and got my 100% trophy completion back. I can’t believe this is an 8-10 hours of free content update, I would’ve gladly paid for it.

Another fan added:

10 hours just flew by. I finished God of War Ragnarok Valhalla and it’s one of my favorite gaming experiences of 2023. From the rogue-lite elements, major story beats, and love for the past entries of the franchise, you really shouldn’t skip this.

As for MW3, the game’s campaign takes roughly 5-7 hours to complete, while usually the Call of Duty campaign lasts around 7 hours minimum. The longest-ever Call of Duty campaign is said to be in Black Ops 3, with around 9 hours. MW3 had a lot of hype around it, but when it was released, players were handed nothing but disappointment. The campaign was short and brought an underwhelming story that didn’t let the main characters shine.


Players also criticized the repetitive use of the Verdansk map for some of the missions, and the campaign somehow felt rushed and incomplete overall. Although multiplayer saved the game to some extent, the campaign let down the players like never before. Now that the DLC expansion is topping MW3 campaign length, it is quite evident why Judge decided to troll the developers of the game.

Players have stated that it could take around 10 hours to explore everything in the DLC.
Players have stated that it could take around 10 hours to explore everything in the DLC.

The DLC expansion takes players to a new location that hasn’t been in the games, and there are new places to explore with new powerful enemies to beat. Since the expansion features roguelite elements, it focuses more on combat and replayability than story, and players will make progress only if they complete the levels successfully.


What’s more interesting is that there is an endgame challenge in the expansion that even the developers at Santa Monica Studio haven’t been able to beat on the Show Me Mastery difficulty. The director of the expansion, Mihir Sheth, revealed this on his official X/Twitter account and said that they are curious to see how quickly players beat this endgame challenge. This endgame challenge will probably require players to spend more time.

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