Nintendo Launches Switch Year in Review 2023 to Celebrate Its Wonderful Games

Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, and many more wins to look back on.

Nintendo Launches Switch Year in Review 2023 to Celebrate Its Wonderful Games


  • Nintendo has had an extraordinary year in gaming.
  • The Switch Year in Review 2023 is a celebration.
  • From Zelda to Mario, the platform keeps growing.
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Just a day after PlayStation launched its annual Wrap-Up for its fans, Nintendo decided to join in on the fun with its Switch Year in Review 2023 to look back at yet another extraordinary run for its flagship gaming platform. Where Sony and Microsoft fans are almost always arguing with one another about whose console is better, the company behind the iconic Zelda and Mario franchises seems to be doing its own thing as it continues to have its own victory lap every passing year.

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This year was no different because even amid huge AAA releases from other studios, the company managed to secure two exclusive spots in the Game of the Year nominees at The Game Awards, a feat that not even PlayStation could pull off with only one exclusive title of its own as a nominee.


Nintendo Looks Back at Another Great Run With Switch Year in Review

Nintendo celebrates an excellent run with Switch Year in Review 2023.
Nintendo celebrates an excellent run with its Switch roundup.

Similar to how Sony handled things with its PlayStation Wrap-Up, Nintendo is also going with a “personalized” approach to its own Switch roundup, looking back at an outstanding run with multiple heavy-hitting titles. The company’s official website announced the arrival of its version of an annual round-up earlier today, on December 13, as it wanted to celebrate its wide variety of games and dedicated fanbase.

The Zelda publisher called the last twelve months “a wonderful year in games to play,” which is definitely true since the gaming industry has mostly been on a clear upward spiral for a while.


The extraordinary variety of genres and new video games that can still be found on the company’s flagship platform is worth applause, especially considering how it was first released six years ago in 2017.

To put the Switch’s great run into more perspective, both Sony and Microsoft have released “next-gen” consoles since then, but the Mario publisher does not seem to let any of that faze its success and growth, as it keeps releasing exclusive hits after hits on the same console for its massive player base.


The company also flexed its wide range of titles by stating that Switch gamers had the choice to relax “with a little fishing or” fight their “way through hordes of enemies” throughout the year, and the Switch Year in Review 2023 is a summarized look back at all of those games and more.

Nintendo hopes that its players and fans had an amazing year of enjoying and “playing games on” its portable console, which is undoubtedly true because of the two aforementioned Game of the Year nominees that are only available to play on the Switch.


Looking at the Switch roundup and the continued prosperity of the platform, one can come up with a couple of reasons as to why that is the case, with a major one being that the company offers three different initial variant choices that a consumer can purchase according to their budget, ranging from $199.99 to $349.99.

Revisit Amazing Gaming Sessions With Switch Year in Review 2023

With amazing titles like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2023 was an earned celebration.
With amazing titles like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Switch Year in Review 2023 is an earned celebration.

As mentioned before, the company had two of its exclusive titles as nominees in the Game of the Year category at this year’s The Game Awards, as well as plenty of other categories.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was a highly anticipated sequel to the widely beloved Breath of the Wild, and it deservedly won in the Best Action/Adventure game category, which is a great achievement because it was competing against other huge sequels like Alan Wake 2 and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

On the other hand, another GotY nominee was Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which won in the Best Family game category, so Switch Year in Review 2023 seems like a well-earned celebration for the company and its fans.


That is not where the company’s winning streak ends, as yet another exclusive called Pikmin 4 won in the Best SIM/Strategy game category. Fans can check out their own personalized annual Switch roundup by going to the official website and signing into their Nintendo Accounts. They can then share their summaries with friends on social media to celebrate as a gaming community.

After an extraordinary year, it would be interesting to see if the company finally releases the long-awaited Switch 2 in 2024.


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