Godzilla: 6 Things Fans Want From The Apple TV+ Show

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Godzilla is one of the top-notch movie series starting from 2014 to 2019. It was a massive success consisting of four movies that earned $580 million domestically and $1.9 billion worldwide on a combined $670 million budget. However, there are rumors that it won’t display Godzilla’s future on the big screen. Instead, it will be a part of Apple Tv+.


1. The Monsterverse: Acquiring Godzilla would be a profitable move by Apple TV+ as it is an established name. Godzilla (2014) had a monstrous collection of $93 million domestically and ultimately drew $524 million worldwide. Kong: Skull Island (2017) continued the series. It collected over $168 million domestically and $566 million worldwide. Godzilla vs. Kong gave a perfect ending to the monster verse good thing. It overcame the loss of the third sequel. Also, it ended the series with a banger of $468 million worldwide.

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2. Dr. Serizawa and Dr. Graham: Both of them were killed in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. However, they were not the same at all. Dr. Serizawa saved humanity by giving Godzilla a shot of an atom bomb, whereas Dr. Graham was repressed under the feet of King Ghidorah in Antarctica. This show occurred just after 2014 when Godzilla and Muto demolished the whole city. Dr. Serizawa and Dr. Graham were there to see the entire scenario. Both the Doctors would amuse the audience to see these great characters back in action.

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3. Skull Island: Kong: skull island took place in 1973, whereas Godzilla vs. Kong in 2021. This gap of 51 years has changed a lot of things. Skull Island has been covered with an advanced system and transformed into Kong’s playhouse. We, as fans, are excited to see what happened after 1973. Specifically, how and when did Monarch take over Skull Island? It would be amazing to see the great ape in his growing stages.

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4. Mythology of Titans: In the post-credits of Kong: Skull Island, we can see Ghidorah, Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan fighting each other. So it would be the correct time to explore the early stages of the Titans even though we couldn’t see any character building of Godzilla’s most famous enemies. They could show the story right from the hatching of the Titans and can also solve some significant problems. For example, in the movie, it has been specified how Ghidorah has been discovered as an alien but justifying it with only 25 seconds is some lazy writing.

Godzilla vs. Ghidorah cave painting


5. Mechagodzilla: The apex industries made the Mechagodzilla was a secret, so they did not reveal anything about him. So he drove to kill Godzilla. The last fight of the last movie of the sequel was thrilling to watch. It was a fight which held up to our chairs till the end. Naturally, we want to see how he was made, and the struggles faced to make him. So many backstories were there like this was the multi-billion character, soo how was the board convinced to make him?

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6. Hollow earth: Hollow Earth was seen as the birthplace for the Titans in the movie ” Godzilla Vs. Kong.” The presence of humanity was seen on the hollow earth. Unfortunately, the two brothers were also killed in the reverse gravitational force. Hollow Earth could be an interesting subplot in the movie series. After this, people can have the question of being possible of the existence of the hollow earth. Godzilla series will be an exciting thing to watch on the Apple TV+.

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