Godzilla vs. Kong: 29 Hilarious Tweets You Need To See

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Don’t we love these cult animosities between legends?! Hell yeah, we do! Iron Man v/s Captain America? Yeah, baby! Batman v/s Superman? Come to Ma-ma(rtha)! The stage is now set for the ultimate battle between the two legendary monsters – Godzilla vs. Kong. Boy! Do we need this!! Especially after being locked up in our homes with our cats and dogs and families, senseless destruction is all we really need! And the proof is in the pudding! The movie raked in $48.5 Million over the weekend, and we can’t say we were surprised. But, it was, what came after that we found, more entertaining! The Twitterati bring to you, Godzilla vs. Kong: 29 hilarious tweets to tickle your funny bone.

Godzilla Vs Kong tweets
Godzilla vs. Kong tweets
  1. The Godzilla-Kong relationship in this one confused this user.

  2. Another one echoed the same feelings.

  3. This user just brought the romance to life.

  4. What would the movie look like if Zack Snyder directed it, you ask? This Twitter user has the answer.

  5. What better way to spend Easter?

  6. Ouch! That Batman v/s Superman jab still hurts!

  7. The Ocean is Godzilla’s territory, yo! Ain’t no one taking that over!

  8. Hmmm… An old friend?

  9. Kong’s backside fascinates this user.

  10. But really, wouldn’t the insurance companies love to see this battle?! It’s one of the more practical jokes among Godzilla vs. Kong’s hilarious tweets.

  11. Awww! You almost feel sorry for him. We think this is one of the cutest Godzilla and Kong’s hilarious tweets.

  12. What a keen observation! That Godzilla’s spine would make a perfect extreme driving route.

  13. Oh, the surprise! We can’t stop laughing at this one.

  14. Finally, a good reason for a monstrous gorilla to get some cardio.

  15. This user seems to have a legit doubt.

  16. Wondering what that means? Watch the movie, and maybe you’ll figure out (or maybe you still won’t).

  17. Who needs elaboration when the world is witnessing the Godzilla vs. Kong battle?

  18. Who cares about who wins? Definitely not this user!

  19. No one takes Godzilla’s blows lightly, not even Kong.

  20. I didn’t pay to see humans! GIVE ME MORE MONSTERS!!!

  21. Godzilla & Kong got some solid moves. And might we say, the Godzilla vs. Kong: hilarious tweets edition is making us swing too!

  22. Admit it. You had this doubt too.

  23. All’s well that ends well?

  24. Expect the unexpected, they said. It will be good, they said.

  25. Who would you cheer for?

  26. Graphically realistic but biologically? Eh, maybe not!

  27. Funeral companies, while watching Godzilla Vs. Kong:

  28. That’s some angry shit. And it fits!

  29. We find it hilarious too.


    So there you have it – Godzilla vs. Kong: 29 hilarious tweets. Whether the movie was entertaining or not is anyone’s guess. But these tweets take the cake for their entertainment value.

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