Gohan May be Stronger Than Goku But There’s Still 1 Dragon Ball Character He Can’t Beat

Black Frieza dethrones Beast Gohan as the strongest character in Dragon Ball Super.

Gohan May be Stronger Than Goku But There's Still 1 Dragon Ball Character He Can't Beat


  • Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie saw Gohan dethroning Son Goku as the strongest Z Warrior after attaining his Beast form against Cell Max.
  • Even though Beast Gohan has surpassed Ultra Instinct Goku, Black Frieza is still stronger than him and was able to knock out Goku and Vegeta in one punch.
  • Frieza trained for several years inside the Hyperbolic Chamber to surpass his Golden form and become the strongest character in Dragon Ball Super.
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The Dragon Ball franchise is a generational anime franchise and has given fans one of the most popular duos in anime history. First, it was Son Goku and Vegeta, and then came Gohan. Many thought Gohan would surpass the two pure-blooded Saiyans. But Akira Toriyama had a different plan and made the duo reach the peak of their powers in Dragon Ball Super.


Even though the anime came to a hiatus a few years back, the manga has been progressing regularly. Recently, Gohan found his lost respect during his fight with Cell Max. He achieved his Beast form, which made him stronger than Ultra Instinct Goku. It might sound like Goku’s firstborn has become the strongest character in the franchise, but there is another character that surpasses them with ease.

Beast Gohan Is The Second Strongest In The Dragon Ball Franchise

Gohan Beast
Beast Gohan

Beast Gohan vs Cell Max had a nostalgic touch to it. Every anime fan remembers the Cell Game Saga in Dragon Ball Z. The android wreaked havoc, and not even Goku and Vegeta could defeat him. It was ultimately Gohan who surpassed the Z Warriors and put an end to Perfect Cell’s rampage. During the fight, Goku sacrificed himself, and the fans thought Gohan might be the next big thing. Unfortunately, Gohan never reached his full potential until his fight with Cell Max.


In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, Beast Gohan defeated Cell Max with help from Gamma 1, Gamma 2, and Orange Piccolo. In the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, the fans will get to experience the stronger one between Goku and Gohan. Both of them will have a sparring session in the ultimate form. Bulma had mentioned that Beast Gohan is stronger than Ultra Instinct Goku. The results would clear every doubt.

black frieza knocking out ultra instinct goku and ultra ego vegeta
Black Frieza knocking out Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta

But even if Beast Gohan emerges victorious, he won’t be the strongest individual in Dragon Ball Super. The character that surpasses him is Black Frieza. Thanks to Goku, he came back to life after the Tournament of Power. Later, he went inside the Hyperbolic Chamber, a.k.a. the Room of Spirit and Time. Time inside the room flows differently. Multiple years means a few hours in the real world.

Frieza trained every second in the Hyperbolic Chamber and unlocked a new form, Black Frieza. Black Frieza is strong enough to knock out Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta with a single punch. His power rivals that of a God of Destruction. Even though Gohan is stronger than Goku, he would need more than a few punches to defeat his father. So, Black Frieza’s unbelievable progress easily overshadows Beast Gohan.


Gohan Is Finally Getting The Spotlight He Deserves

frieza knock outs gohan in Dragon Ball Super
Frieza knock outs Gohan in Dragon Ball Super

After the Cell Games, Gohan became more focused on his studies and research. Even though he achieved his Mystic form during the Majin Buu Saga, it all went downhill for him after that. When Frieza attacked Earth in Dragon Ball Super, Frieza crushed him with ease. It was sad to see Gohan become so weak. Thankfully, Akira Toriyama brought back the glory days for Gohan. Dragon Ball Super chapter 103 will feature the fight between Ultra Instinct Goku and Beast Gohan.

If the latter wins, it will be baby steps for him to surpass Black Frieza. First Cell Max, then Goku, and finally Black Frieza. Frieza humiliated him so Gohan could get his revenge. But, at the moment, Black Frieza is the strongest. It might change in the future if Toriyama decides to. Gohan could defeat, or Goku and Vegeta could unlock new forms to surpass all.

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