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‘Good’ Movies Fans Now Think Are Train Wrecks

These movies were considered good when they were released. But now these “good movies” are considered some of the greatest Hollywood train-wrecks. Here’s the worst of the ‘good’ movies lot.

Pearl Harbor Was Criticized By Real Pearl Harbor Veterans For Being Extremely Historically Inaccurate

Pearl Harbor

Many of us like Pearl Harbor. The movie even went to the Oscars. The story is about the historical Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the event that forced America to participate in World War Two. The runtime of the movie was said to be atrociously long and the CGI is still made fun of today. But the real criticism comes from World War Two veterans who survived Pearl Harbor. They claimed the movie only ends up glorifying the deaths of their comrades. Soldiers do not like death being romanticized, especially when the said people who passed away are their own brothers-in-arms. Moreover the movie was historically inaccurate. Many of the scenes showed the Japanese Zeros using wrong angles of attack. They were also painted green instead of white. It was so inaccurate the World War Two pearl Harbor veterans refused to have their names associated with it in the end.

Starship Troopers Is Now Being Criticized For Totally Straying Away From Its Source Material

Starship Troopers

In 1997, Starship Troopers was THE alien invasion movie to watch. except, the aliens were us and we were invading a planet full of bugs. Robert Heinlein’s work finally got the big screen adaptation and it blew us all away. Flash forward to two decades and fans are starting to see why the movie was actually a bad adaptation. Heinlein’s Starship Troopers paints a world that is a dozen times more vast and awesome. The movie captures only a small portion of that world. For example – in Heinlein’s book, the Mobile Infantry fights the bugs using giant mechanized exo-skeleton powered suits. We never saw that in the movie. There’s tons of stuff the movie missed. Fun fact – many new age fans now consider the movie to be a thinly veiled Nazi propaganda film. Go figure!!!

Beauty & The Beast (2017) Continues The Unnecessary Disney Live Action Remake Trend

Beauty & The Beast

The original 1991 movie will always be a classic. There’s no doubt about that. The 2017 live action remake starring Emma Watson was what fans thought was not needed at all. The movie was good but then again, for a movie that had literally zero expectations attached to it, it did pretty well. Disney just keeps making live action remakes of older movies. The Lion King and Aladdin are other examples. We never needed those movies. They were just thrown at our faces. The 2017 movie, according to fans, glorifies toxic relationships, Stockholm Syndrome, and political tokenism. Including members of the LGBTQ+ community and minorities in a story that has nothing to do with it only makes things worse.

Iron Sky Is The Worst Best Movie Of All Time

Iron Sky

We have seen alternate timelines where Nazis won or the Third Reich lives on as the Fourth Reich. But how about Nazis from outer space? In Iron Sky, a secret Nazi outpost in the moon is preparing for another invasion of Earth. If Moon Nazis were not bad enough, the movie has some pretty terrible CGI and a pathetic story arc. Yet somehow, the movie ended up becoming a hit. One of the worst train-wreck movies ever made, the fans still somehow loved it back then. Enough for the movie to get a sequel which was another major Hollywood disaster. If only they could have executed this movie better, maybe we could have had a very good Nazi sci-fi parody movie to look forward to as a franchise.