Greatest Apple Original Films, Ranked

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Although it is a multinational tech company, Apple took its time to get into the field of film production. Debuting in 2016, Apple has produced several productions that stand out from the regular Netflix or Amazon Prime. Although, apple originals has a different tone and theme to them all together, here are The Best Apple Original Films Ranked from worst to best.


10. Greyhound: This movie leaves the audience underwhelmed. With no character buildup and lack of depth in the delivery of certain scenes, this movie is not that memorable.

Greyhound - apple

9. Palmer: Palmer, a movie about a kid’s upbringing needing a prominent father figure and a man who has been in jail for a long time, comes together. However, the movie gives a sensitive message, and with a good performance by Timberlake, it’s an average movie.

Palmer - apple

8. Cherry: Just a movie showing a war veteran suffering from PTSD and how he copes with it. It gives out a mixed message, with half being anti-war. Although it’s something different coming from the creators of MCU, there are significant inconsistencies throughout the film, making it hard to follow.

Cherry- apple

7. Hala: A story of a Muslim skater girl coming up in her age handling her family conflicts and her teenage life in general. This movie shows the girl’s journey of losing herself in different challenges but finally finding herself throughout the process.


6. On the Rocks: A film about conflicts of life, handling relationships, and other aspects that matter in life. The acting is impeccable, but the incompleteness of the film downgrades it.

On the Rocks- apple

5. Coda: It is a movie about a deaf family and how Ruby, the only ear to the entire family, goes on with it. This movie is a wholesome movie that shows the importance of co-dependency on others; this movie has the right amount of funny, sweetness, and sentimental.


4. Beastie Boys Story: A documentary about the American hip-hop group captured how their friendship evolved and how the bond grew. This movie shows all the experiences the Beastie Boys went through.

Beastie Boys Story

3. Finch: A post-apocalyptic world where Tom Hanks being a lonely anti-social, tries to build a robot that would be his dog’s company for when he dies. This movie is very simple, without any over-the-top drama and tension. Just a film about how friendships that we make aren’t the same as they were once. It is a fantastic feel-good movie.

Finch - apple

2. Wolfwalkers: A film that works well for almost all ages. Based on folk tales, it doesn’t fail to impress the audience with its fun, colorful, and enjoyable story arc. Moreover, the movie’s theme is about love and loss, which provides a personal touch to it; helping the crowd connect.


1. Boys State: It’s a movie where thousands of teenage boys go to a camp where they compete to play mock government-building rallies collecting votes, just like an actual world election. This movie portrays all the tricks and tips and all the insider batters disclosing what actually happens in modern-day politics.

Boys State- apple

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