Greatest Cult-Classic Games From Your Childhood That Did Not Age Well

Video games have advanced more rapidly than other entertainment segments. Players always expect smoother frames, advanced systems, and better graphics with every new generation of games. Many classic games that were once hailed as the best in their segments are now starting to age. Gamers tend to play these classic games more due to nostalgic value. These are some of the classic games of all times which have aged poorly:

1. GoldenEye 007:

The early age of 3D gaming is the worst hit due to aging. It may be the best James Bond video game, but it’s not fun anymore. The mission design and the controls don’t feel good anymore.GoldenEye 007 Greatest Cult-Classic Games From Your Childhood That Did Not Age Well

2. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time:

It was one of the charming, revolutionary and classic games. It laid the framework for the genre of the action-adventure game. There are many improved versions, which is the reason it’s not fun anymore.Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

3. Grand Theft Auto 3:

The mission and shooting have aged poorly in the once classic games. The missions are restrictive and straightforward compared to their modern counterparts. It is full of racial stereotypes and bad writing, which remains cringeworthy.Grand Theft Auto 3 ,Greatest Cult-Classic Games From Your Childhood That Did Not Age Well

 4. Tomb Raider (1996):

The crypt crawling action-adventure series is one of the iconic and classic games. You may be disappointed playing it, as it hasn’t aged well. The platforming and controls are very demanding and unforgivable. The gameplay might not work for you unless you grew up playing it.

Tomb Raider

5. Bioshock:

This version of classic games deserves all its praise and more! But the story is very long and starts falling apart at the end of the 12-15 hours of running time. The overly long story and an unsatisfying and extremely long shooter have not aged well.

BioShock,Greatest Cult-Classic Games From Your Childhood That Did Not Age Well

6. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves: Uncharted is the successor of Tomb Raider. It relied heavily on combat and bullet-sponge enemies. It was a bad third-person shooter experience. The once classic game is repetitive and linear, and the platforming is less involved than the Tomb Raider. It is simply not upto the mark of gaming now.

Uncharted 2:

7. Max Payne: The Original Max Payne is an all-time great and a classic game! The gameplay and story, unfortunately, have not aged very well. The storyline is in between a parody and a cliche and an attempt at misaligned maturity. The story has shades of misogynistic noir, which is off-putting!

Max Payne ,Greatest Cult-Classic Games From Your Childhood That Did Not Age Well

8. Metroid:

It is an older game. So while it was great then, it is not so good now! Metroid is indecipherable and directionless. The classic game ranks lower than most of the incredible spin-offs it inspired.


9. System Shock 2:

It has not aged well. It has a confusing and poor tutorial segment. The once classic game also lags in the narration of the story. The first major twist happens after a third of the playtime!

System Shock 2

10. Fallout 3: It is a classic game but no longer worthy of the “RPG Hall of Fame”. It has a dull grey palette which also applies to the story and the shooting. The main storyline is drab and unsatisfying.

Fallout 3 ,Greatest Cult-Classic Games From Your Childhood That Did Not Age Well

11. Resident Evil 1996: Remaking a classic game makes the original obsolete. And that is what has happened to Resident Evil. Some moments in the story are still thrilling. But most of the scares don’t work because of outdated controls and visuals.

Resident Evil

12. Assassin’s Creed: It was an icon of open design. It has now become overwhelmingly repetitive. Ezio was once an icon of the gaming world. But in hindsight, he lacks the depth and nuance of a respectful protagonist.

Creed TV

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