Greatest Martial Arts Movies On Netflix, Ranked By Rotten Tomatoes Score


Martial arts is a genre that has lost its touch in the recent years. There are not many good martial arts movies so to speak. But Netflix has a few hidden gems in its library that might be worth your time.

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Man Of Tai Chi – 71%

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The movie has Uwais and Keanu reeves in this Chinese-American movie. Reeves is on a roll with his John Wick movies and other successful projects like Toy Story 4. Reeves stars in this movie which is a tale of a young man proficient in Tai Chi joining an underground tournament. The young martial artist is played by Tiger Chen. It might also pique your interest if you are a fan of Keanu Reeves. Man of Tai Chi is Keanu Reeves’ directorial debut. And it has a solid critical rating. Watch it for the action and Keanu Reeves playing an unorthodox character.

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Headshot – 72%

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Headshot is yet another movie that stars Uwais in a lead role. The movie caters to its core audience. At its best, it is a pure martial arts extravaganza. There’s not much story and the direction has nothing unique. It still shines in its top notch action choreography. The movie tells the tale of an amnesiac man played by Uwais. He is being chased down by a group of shadowy gang members. Uwais now must uncover his dark past as well as protect his doctor. Like we said, not that original a plot.


Ip Man 3 – 78%

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For the people who love the Ip man franchise, there is much Netflix has to offer. Ip Man 3 again stars Donnie Yen as Ip Man, a down on his luck martial arts master who must now contemplate his new life without his wife. Ip Man’s wife is terminally ill and a corrupt property dealer is hell-bent on taking over his son’s school. The critics are still divided on how good the third Ip Man movie compares to the original installment. But it is a movie worth a shot for all martial arts lovers.


The Legend Of The Drunken Master – 83%

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There is no better popcorn flick than a good old fashioned Jackie Chan movie. This is the guy who immortalized his fun version of Kung Fu. The Legend Of The Drunken Master is Jackie Chan’s last crown jewel in the Chinese Film Industry before he moved to Hollywood to become an international action star. The movie reveals a special form of fighting technique called Drunken Boxing, which involves getting drunk to numb the pain and dull (or heighten) your senses. This is a legit entertainer for all ages.


Ip man – 85%

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The first Ip man movie has everything in the right quantity – good plot, relatable characters, amazing direction, and most important of all some kickass action sequences. Ip Man is a biographical movie about a real life person of the same name. Ip Man was the one who trained the legendary Bruce Lee in the art of Wing Chun. Ip Man mixed Chinese martial arts with emotions and sentimentality, a fiorst of its kind project in the Chinese movie making industry. Despite its lack of historical accuracy, it is still a movie everyone loves and adores. Donnie Yen is a true master.


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The Night Comes For Us – 89%

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Indonesian films are truly some of the most ultra-violent flicks we have ever seen in the history of cinema. Movies like The Raid and The Night Comes For Us exemplify these words. The movie is based on a graphic novel and was acquired by Netflix after it premiered in the 2018 Fantastic Fest Film Festival. The story is about a Triad enforcer who is forced into a life of crime after trying to save a girl from execution. There’s way too much blood and gore. If you are into it, you will probably fall in love with this one.

Kickboxer: Retaliation – 92%

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How many of you knew there have been not one but seven installments to the Kickboxer franchise? Kickboxer: Retaliation is the seventh entry to the series. It sees the return of Jean-Claude Van Damme along with other actors like Alain Moussi, Mike Tyson and even Ronaldinho. It has been dumbed down to be enjoyable to all who watch it. It is certainly no Ip Man but its still a damn good entertainer.

Kill Zone 2 – 100%

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Its original title was SPL II: Time For Consequences. Despite the movie sounding and looking like a B-Grade action flick, it is still on RT with a score of a perfect 100%. Why is that you ask? Because the movie, in its entirety, does what it does best – spilling blood and breaking bones. A violent cop ends up in prison after trying to take down a drug ring. Tony Jaa, a prisoner in the same prison, realizes this cop is a blood-match for his sick daughter. The duo join forces to keep each other alive and get out of the jail alive. Roger Ebert has claimed that if you like action movies, you have to give Kill Zone 2 a try.


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