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Greatest Martian Manhunter Powers That Prove He’s A God

Martian Manhunter is a well-known figure in the DC Universe and one of the Justice League’s most essential members. Similarly, his popularity has increased in recent years as a result of his presence in series like Supergirl and Young Justice.

Martian Manhunter possesses an astonishing range of special talents because of his Martian nature, which some claim makes him even stronger than Superman. While this may or may not be true, Martian Manhunter certainly packs a lot of punch in a variety of ways. Here is a list of the top 5 of Manhunter’s powers, rated, to see how they differ from others, are distinctive, and valuable.

5. Durability

Martian Manhunter Powers
Martian Manhunter Powers

Martian Manhunter, like many other superheroes, possesses superhuman strength and durability. While both of these characteristics are amazing, he is neither as powerful nor as durable as others.

Superman, for example, is clearly considerably more powerful than Martian Manhunter. Furthermore, Manhunter’s durability is unique in that he is extremely pliable. Bullets may not just bounce off of him, but his ability to phase and shape-shift also plays a role.

4. Absorption of Matter

Martian Manhunter Powers
Martian Manhunter Powers

He has been seen to absorb or split stuff into/from himself on multiple occasions. For a short time, he even separated himself into three distinct identities, each with its own personality and set of powers. So long as he has anything to take into himself, he can also expand his mass to amazing proportions.

This talent has undoubtedly come in useful throughout the years, yet it has also made Martian Manhunter a terrifying figure. While shapeshifting is one of his most unique talents, it is also unique in comparison to how other heroes may perform it.

3. Speed

Martian Manhunter Powers
Martian Manhunter Powers

Like Superman and Flash, he can travel at tremendous speeds; yet, he is not quite as quick as the other two. Fortunately, he has many additional qualities that compensate for his slightly slower nature, but he can’t help but lag behind others in terms of speed.

While he may not be the quickest man or martian alive, he can still get to a crisis quickly, making the combination of his speed and flying a bit more helpful when combined.

2. Phasing

Martian Manhunter Powers
Martian Manhunter Powers

One of Martian Manhunter’s more unusual powers is the ability to phase through almost any item. Manhunter has utilized this to get through some of the most stringent security measures without leaving a trace. This also contributes to his longevity, since many hazardous items just flow through him.

Martian Manhunter, on the other hand, can extend this capacity to others through contact, which means he can phase other people/objects through a solid surface as long as he is touching them.

1. Telekinesis

Martians are well-known for their ability to converse telepathically and for their telekinesis. Because most Martians do not converse vocally, telepathy is taught at a very young age. It is also their most potent power.

Martians have done extensive and devastating psychological harm to opponents throughout the years, even leaving them in vegetative states. While this ability may be extremely lethal, it has also been employed for communication reasons, ensuring that communication lines cannot be tapped or hacked into.