Greta Gerwig Making Ken Spinoff on Ryan Gosling’s Breakout Barbie Character as Fans Campaign for Best Supporting Actor Oscar? Director Gives Cryptic Update

While running for the best supporting actor, Ryan Gosling might get a Ken spin-off.

Greta Gerwig Making Ken Spinoff on Ryan Gosling's Breakout Barbie Character as Fans Campaign for Best Supporting Actor Oscar? Director Gives Cryptic Update


  • Greta Gerwig addresses speculation about a potential spin-off movie on her film Barbie with Ryan Gosling's character Ken
  • Fans and award groups are campaigning for Gosling to be nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars
  • Gerwig has not completely ruled out the possibility of a Ken spinoff movie, but acknowledged that there is "way too much material for Ken"
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Despite Greta Gerwig and the producers of Barbie initially having a bit of doubt surrounding Ryan Gosling’s casting, the actor is now making headlines for a potential spin-off movie on his character, Ken. The director finally addressed fans’ curiosity surrounding the spin-off film. 

greta gerwig 3
Greta Gerwig

While Greta Gerwig breaks her silence on the potential spinoff movie, fans, and award groups start a campaign to push Ryan Gosling as the best supporting actor in Barbie. The actor is thus witnessing a major turn of events after starring in Margot Robbie’s blockbuster. 

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Greta Gerwig on a Potential Ken Spin-Off Movie 

Following the release of her latest film, the out-of-the-box blockbuster Barbie, Greta Gerwig is facing a lot of questions about a potential sequel and spin-offs. While her film turned into the highest-grossing movie of the year, bringing in billions of dollars, the director remained silent all this while. 

Greta Gerwig
Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach sit for an interview

However, during a recent interview with CBS News, Greta Gerwig broke her silence on a potential Ken spin-off. Initially starting the conversation about her work with Noah Baumbach on Barbie, Gerwig proceeded to speak about Ryan Gosling’s “Ken effect” in the real world. That’s when the interviewer asked, “would there ever be a Ken movie?” 

I mean, the truth is, you know…I guess we’ll see,” Gerwig replied. 

Ryan Gosling as Ken in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie
Ryan Gosling’s Ken might get a spinoff

Smiling at the question and answering subtly, Greta Gerwig didn’t completely rule out the possibility of making a Ken spin-off. Previously claiming during the interview about having “way too much material for Ken”, Gerwig seems to hint at the possibility of a spin-off on Gosling’s character. 


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Ryan Gosling is Getting Major Pre-Oscars Attention

Well, why not? Ryan Gosling‘s iconic character from Barbie was highly appreciated by fans and they believe that Ken certainly deserves a standalone movie. Therefore, placing their hopes for a spin-off on Greta Gerwig, fans and audiences are currently preparing for a campaign in support of Gosling, for the Oscars. 

Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie in Barbie

Willing to see Ryan Gosling win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar during the upcoming Academy Awards, fans and award groups are pushing his name for nomination. According to Variety, even Warner Bros confirmed submitting Gosling’s nomination for Best Supporting Actor. 

Ryan Gosling
Fans, award groups, and even Warner Bros is pushing Gosling’s name for the Oscars.

It appears that despite Greta Gerwig’s Barbie centering around Margot Robbie‘s titular character, Ryan Gosling’s Ken is getting more attention. In a turn of events, the spotlight appears to have shifted from Barbie to Ken. Now, fans are willing to witness a spin-off movie on Ken, and award groups along with Warner Bros are pushing for the actor for a nomination. 

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