GTA 5, Starfield and so Many More are the Latest to Fall Victim to Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 has surpassed Starfield and GTA 5 in for the most number of concurrent players, making it the 24th most played Steam game ever.

GTA 5 and Starfield are the Latest to Fall Victim to Helldivers 2


  • Helldivers 2 has beaten big titles like Starfield and GTA 5 in terms of concurrent player count.
  • This game has notched the 24th place in the list of most played Steam games ever... for now.
  • Heldivers 2 server is facing several crashes due to the huge load on the game server.
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Since its release on February 8, 2024, Helldivers 2 has been taking everyone by storm. This third-person PvP shooter from Arrowhead Game has amassed a huge player base since the very first day. Right now, the game has become so popular among players that it boasts nearly half a million concurrent users on Steam.


Not only that, this game has surpassed massive titles like Starfield and Grand Theft Auto 5 in terms of concurrent players. This article brings you all the aspects of the huge success of Helldivers 2, from peak concurrent players to the records it has broken. Let’s dive in.

Helldivers 2: Breaking Records and Reaching Milestones

Helldivers 2 is the 24th most-played Steam game ever.
Helldivers 2 is the 24th most-played Steam game ever.

Right now, this new FPS title has garnered a concurrent user base of 409,367. Just 24 hours before, it was 366,000. This makes the game the 24th most-played Steam game ever. As of now, the game is the sixth most-played title on Steam, and it was the second last night. Not only that, this newbie superstar has beaten big guns like Starfield, GTA 5, No Man’s Sky, Skyrim, Destiny 2, Halo Infinite, and many more.


Helldivers 2 is bashing the PlayStation Arena as well. This title is right now the No. 1 game on the PlayStation Store in the United States as well, surpassing legendary titles like Call of Duty and Fortnite.

Arrowhead Games never tasted the hint of success with its previous title, Helldivers. This title was a top-down shooter, unlike its successor. The game had an all-time peak CCU of only 6,691. Now, Helldiver 2‘s enormous success overshadows its predecessor. However, the first part got some spotlight as it reached 3,251 players, thanks to the second part.


Helldivers 2 Servers Are Capped

Players are having several issues due to the huge load on the server of Helldivers 2.
Players are having several issues due to the huge load on the server of Helldivers 2.

Who would have ever thought that Helldivers 2 would wrap up the stage like this? Neither are the developers. That is why, with this huge load of players in the game, the server is crashing several times. As a result, many players have been exempted from getting in-game rewards even after completing the match. Some players are licked out of their ships in midgame. Situations got worse when many players were logged out while playing a match.

On the official Discord server of Arrowhead Games, even one developer has confessed that they are unable to cope with the ongoing server issues. That’s why the developing company has decided to cap the concurrent player count to around 450,000 to improve server stability and put less pressure on it.


Due to this server error, the game’s Steam review score is dropping. Despite being one of the most played games right now, Helldivers 2 has scored a decent 7 out of 10.

However, this 7 has mostly come out after a lot of grudges and agony from the players who were unable to find a match due to the huge load on the server. There was one review that easily depicts the scenario.

According to that reviewer, in his 7 hours of gameplay, he had to wait for 6 hours just for the main menu to connect. It shows that the server of Helldivers 2 is in a pretty bad state. Helldivers 2 is breaking all the records right now. Now, let’s see how far this first-person shooter can go.


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