Rockstar Includes Small Detail in GTA 6 Cover Image Which Hints at Map Restrictions

Has the promotional image confirmed one major aspect of the GTA 6 gameplay?

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  • One Reddit user has some interesting speculation about what to expect from the lead character, Lucia.
  • Given the history of Rockstar games and map accessibility, this theory is not without merit.
  • Other fans were quick to agree that this theory makes complete sense and could indeed feature in the upcoming game.
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The first look at the GTA 6 game dropped a whole 15 hours early thanks to a leak and fans couldn’t believe their luck, Christmas has indeed come early. The reaction to the trailer has been nothing short of unbelievable, and although it may be 2025 before fans will get their hands on the game, the hype for the title is unreal and will continue to be in the lead-up.

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After all the speculation and rumor regarding the latest installment in the popular franchise, some questions were answered with the first look at the characters, and indeed the identification of the lead protagonist ‘Lucia’. However, one Reddit user has a theory that perhaps should not be dismissed out of hand.


What Is the Latest Speculation Regarding GTA 6?

The dual protagonists Lucia and Jason, a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde.

According to the posting on the GTA 6 subreddit, the user has some speculation about certain aspects of the gameplay for the upcoming title. The user goes by the handle, u/RudraRousseauand his theory follows the posting of the teaser trailer and the corresponding promotional image on the Rockstar website.

From the image above, we can see the now-identified lead protagonist ‘Lucia’ sitting on the bonnet of a car with her partner in crime. Now what Rousseau focuses on is the electronic tag around her ankle and following the trailer in which we see Lucia in prison in those recognisable orange jumpsuits. We can only assume she has been released with the tag as forming part of her parole.


Rockstar has a history of having parts of their game maps that cannot be explored without further progression throughout the game, as seen in Red Dead Redemption and other Grand Theft Auto titles. So from this, Rousseau theorised that it may be that Lucia will not be able to explore other parts of the map or indeed go out with a certain distance as part of the electronic tag.

The user went further by suggesting that if Lucia were to go out in a certain area whilst still wearing the electronic tag, then this may result in 5 police stars, and a police chase will ensue. The theory itself is not without merit and given previous GTA titles, it is entirely plausible that we could see this in the upcoming game.


Following Rousseau’s Reddit post, other fans were quick to note that they would be in favour of this if indeed true, and much like RDR, the fun is in unlocking new areas through game progression;

“Limitation makes it better experienced IMO. Just like RDR2, chapter by chapter the map expands until fully” u/aurum616

“That’s a good spot and good theory. A great way to lock parts of the map without having islands” u/Kspence92

Others had their theories following this post, so much so that the original poster had to turn off commenting, such was the volume. However, like the original speculation some of the other theories were quite valid, with one fan suggesting that Lucia decides to break off her tag and go on a bank-robbing spree with Jason.


We know that there is a Bonnie & Clyde element to the game so robberies and police encounters are going to be a large focus of the game, so who’s to say this may not be part of the gameplay? At this stage, there is no confirmation, but one thing is for sure, fans are going wild over the trailer. And even though it may just have been a teaser, fans worldwide are desperate for more.

It is entirely possible that Lucia ends up released with an electronic tag following this meeting in prison.

Whilst the theory regarding the exploration of the map may only be speculative at this point, it certainly does make sense if we look at previous Rockstar games and how there were limitations on where you could venture. Game progression to unlock new parts of the map is part and parcel of the success of these games and there is no doubt that fans will be more than happy if this does prove to be another part.


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Written by Andy MacGregor

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