If These GTA 6 Leaks Are True, Dumb Civilians Will Be a Thing of the Past

GTA 6 players will have to face the consequences of their actions, according to leaks.

If these GTA 6 Leaks are True, Dumb Civilians will be a thing of the Past


  • GTA 6 introduces unprecedented NPC behavior, with characters remembering players' actions and appearances.
  • The game's dynamic world evolves alongside the protagonists, Lucia and Jason.
  • Leaks suggest an abundance of minigames, dual-wielding weapons, a focus on in-game tools, and more.
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We might still be a year away from the anticipated GTA 6, but the leaks are already in. For fans of Rockstar Games’ other titles, this new information is just what they need to sell themselves to the hype surrounding the upcoming game.


According to a supposed PlayStation developer, NPC behavior is being taken to the next level, Red Dead Redemption 2‘s Eagle Eye vision will be integrated into the game, and other exciting features will hit the franchise for the first time. If these leaks are true, then GTA 6 might be setting a huge precedent for open-world games.

GTA 6’s NPCs Will Make It a Point to Remember You

GTA 6 might change the entire open-world genre
GTA 6 might change the open-world genre.

Imagine witnessing the same person pulling off crimes repeatedly in your neighborhood – you’d remember them, right? GTA 6 is adding a touch of reality to the game. The NPCs, both civilians and cops, will remember your face if you don’t switch things up between your criminal adventures. This will influence the way they interact with you, although we’re still in the dark about the full extent of these interactions.


Supposedly, the events of the plot will be broadcast throughout Vice City’s news channels and social media and discussed by NPCs, adding a touch of immersion.

Many features from RDR2 will be adapted to GTA 6, such as its NPC interaction menu. And if you’ve ever wished to see GTA implement a feature similar to Eagle Eye, you’re in luck. The game will let players highlight targets and interactable items around the city.

One of the biggest features that will possibly make the cut is the discovery and tracking system that will apply to vehicles and animals. The more vehicles players ‘discover,’ the more modifications they can unlock for that vehicle class.


Collectively, these features were a big part of why RDR2’s open-world mechanics were such a hit among fans. Depending on how these are adapted to GTA 6’s modern world, it has the potential to elevate the game to new heights of engagement.

GTA 6 Will Feature an Insanely Dynamic World

Vice City will evolve alongside Lucia and Jason's story
Vice City will evolve alongside Lucia and Jason’s story.

Aside from NPC behavior, the source of the leaks also mentioned some interesting information about the world.

  • In true GTA fashion, the opening mission is said to be a bank robbery.
  • Players will have the option to surrender to the cops. Could this mean players have to break out of prison, like in Skyrim?
  • Rockstar Games has brought back dual-wielding weapons to the franchise.
  • This addition to the GTA series will have the highest number of minigames among all its predecessors. This includes golf, basketball, tennis, pool, and a fishing minigame that involves catching sea animals using special equipment.

This is some of the information that has been shared so far by the insider. Only time will tell how much of this information will come true, and changes can also occur throughout the development phase. Even a few of these leaks turning out to be true would greatly add to the experience.


Nevertheless, when D-Day hits, you can bet GTA 6 will shake things up. Share your thoughts on what you expect the game to bring to the table in the comments below!


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