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GTA 6 Map Size: Will It Be the Biggest Yet?

Bigger, better, and ever-evolving.

GTA 6 Map Size: Will it be the Biggest Yet?


  • GTA 6's map can be big enough to fit locations from previous games.
  • Leakers have mixed and matched coordinates from leaks to craft a hypothetical map.
  • The map might be ever-evolving, adding locations over time.

The next game in the Grand Theft Auto series has officially been confirmed by Rockstar Games. Following this, new speculation around the map’s size is obvious, and since we have finally received the official word from Rockstar Games about the first trailer coming out next month, we’ll soon get to take a sneak peek at GTA 6’s optimistically large map.

There have been endless speculations around the game’s map size, from hoping for a fictional city place like Vice City to indulging players in an oceanic backdrop or an equivalent of San Andreas that mixes up multiple terrains and themes.

GTA 6’s Map Will Hopefully Be Larger Than GTA 5’s

GTA 6's map will likely be larger and more complex compared to GTA 5's.
GTA 6‘s map will likely be larger and more complex compared to GTA 5‘s.

Last month, a Redditor by the name of LivingSignificant555 uncovered information regarding coordinates that make a comparison between Vice City’s details and San Andreas’ enormous scale. They also make a careful observation:

If you take the highest and lowest confirmed Y coordinates in GTA VI from the videos the map is already just over 1,000 rage units longer than the gta V map.If you take the highest and lowest confirmed X coordinates in GTA VI from the videos the map is already over 2,300 rage units longer than gta V map.

Keep in mind this is just the highest and lowest X and Y based off of coordinates shown in the video locations. There is an very very high chance that it could go hundreds if not thousands of coordinates further in each X and Y direction due to none of the video clips showing or being near a clear world border.

This is a huge upgrade from what players had in GTA 5, exploring Los Santos’ blending scenery, including flora and fauna. This time around, we can probably expect a more ‘living’ world where NPCs are more numerous, going about their daily lives in different vehicles. More so, the leaks suggest that a fictional version of Miami will be the setting, which entails a scenic view of people passing by the beach while in-game activities occur constantly.

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A year ago, another speculation suggested something that left fans a little more curious. A Reddit post by user ChurchofGTA focuses on the coordinates referenced in earlier leaks. While most people were still comprehending how much larger GTA 6’s map could be, a few were skeptical about it being a bland, open world where nothing much really happens.

To counter this, a user by the name of CoachWilksRide commented:

Idk why everyone perceives this as such an issue. It gives a sense of scale and size to drive through “empty” areas… Just like real life, you drive through a lot of nothing in between destinations 

It makes sense if the map includes a city like Los Santos as an entirely different region, and traveling to the city takes a while by road. Whether it’s as large as previous games or not, Rockstar probably knows how to make the best use of their map, given its attention to detail.


A Smaller Map Can Mean Two Things: A More Detailed World and Evolving Locations

The map can be large enough to contain multiple maps from previous GTA games.
The map can be large enough to contain multiple maps from previous GTA games.

If, by any chance, the map is smaller, there’s a high possibility of giving the game more depth. GTA 5 had a lot of buildings, but most of the interiors were either short-lived scenes from the story or blocked altogether. Compared to that, even GTA 4 had several random interiors players could just walk into at times, and that would be a welcome surprise in GTA 6.

However, another big speculation is around the possibility of a live-service model being followed by Rockstar Games this time. If you’re familiar with modern multiplayer games (especially battle royale ones), you’ll be aware of how these games ‘change’ their maps every now and then. Every 2-3 months, you can spot the map evolving into something new or adding locations to an existing world.

Something similar can be expected from GTA 6, if Rockstar chooses to follow that direction. According to certain leakers, the map will keep evolving, and we can expect new locations to be added over time. Cities? Islands? Towns? Only time will tell. The map will also have dynamic weather conditions (like we had in Red Dead Redemption 2), and certain drastic weather conditions will likely disrupt parts of the map.

There’s a lot to look forward to here, but we’ll have to wait until Rockstar gives us a glimpse at what it has been crafting with GTA 6.

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