GTA 6 Protagonist Backstories: Speculating the Characters’ Past

Finding a method to the madness in the duo's lives.


  • The duo's dynamic relationship is a reflection of their respective pasts.
  • Jason seems to be the skeptic while Lucia is the wild card.
  • Need, greed, and everything in between motivates the two.
  • They enable each other's potential and criminal behavior.
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Grand Theft Auto games tend to specialize in over-the-top storytelling and gameplay that is everything but aligned with how the real world works. Yet, Rockstar Games manages to bring about shades of realism through its characters. Instead of black and white, good-or-evil characters, GTA titles can have protagonists who are three-dimensional and hold a past that reflects in their behaviors in-game.


This naturally builds the anticipation and expectations of what Lucia and Jason from GTA 6 are going to be like. More importantly, how their past plays a major role in the game. Since there’s no official information supporting any claims about the characters crafted by Rockstar Games, based on the first trailer alone, there are quite a few possibilities fans can look forward to.

Comprehending the Characters’ Past Based on their Expressions 

Lucia GTA 6
The two protagonists have their own personality traits that are reflected in their expressions throughout the trailer.

The first trailer shows little detail about the two protagonists themselves, and there’s little interaction between the two that speaks loudly of their respective pasts. There’s one obvious tell though; Jason seems way more practical and afraid of the consequences, while Lucia is the one holding a wild card and encouraging Jason to take a gamble. 


The store robbery is just an example of this. This paints an interesting picture; Is Jason doing all of it out of pure love? Perhaps he’s been in a position before where went drastically wrong when escaping the law. He seems to be rightfully skeptical about everything that’s going down, and those puppy eyes are clearly not lying when we see Lucia persuading him to go guns-blazing. 

Lucia, on the other hand, shows all the signs of sociopathy that Rockstar is such a big fan of. Her denial to be formal in front of authorities (even in prison), her posture when walking, and her overall demeanor indicate signs of something that can build a great anti-hero arc. Typical tropes follow; greed and willingness to be more. Rising above one’s station. You know, everything that works into the psyche of a criminal kingpin. 

Her hold on Jason feels nothing short of dominant, but the lack of actual information about the two’s relationship fails to support this claim. Instead, we’ll have to rely on all that we’ve seen so far, and the duo’s inclination to crime seems to be a result of a few things; greed and desperation.


Jason and Lucia’s Bonnie-Clyde-esque Relationship

Jason and Lucia
The most dangerous duo in a Rockstar game yet?

There have been a few speculations before where fans have given the community an interesting train of thought. Think about the entire trailer in reverse. The duo talks about the robbery, and Lucia asks Jason to trust her. They go about a semi-planned heist which doesn’t end too well, and Lucia somehow ends up behind bars while Jason manages to make an escape. 

If the (Rock)stars are aligned, we might just get to play a mission in the game where freeing Lucia from prison is the end goal. This is one of the many adventures players can expect from the high-risk-high-rewards relationship that Jason and Lucia share. It’s reminiscent of the classic American outlaw duo; Bonnie and Clyde. These two terrorized parts of America in the 1930s and their relationship felt everything but safe and stable in the eyes of the law.

Which brings the attention to Jason and Lucia. If Rockstar Games has written a relationship that thrives on risk-taking, it’s highly likely that one partner enables another to be a part of activities that challenge their risk-taking abilities. The origin of this duo’s partnership may have a place in GTA 6’s storyline. Do they meet during a series of misadventures, or just two civilians going about their lives as usual? Fans will have to wait for Rockstar to shed some details on this one.  


GTA 6’s Protagonists May be Working Undercover

Lucia undercover
An undercover twist to the story may reveal more about the characters’ past.

Beyond the gorgeous backdrop of Vice City, Rockstar Games gave a glimpse of the many lives that reside in the fictional landscapes of Leonida. The socio-cultural and economic trends are clearly visible; the rich have the best time of their lives while the usual rednecks find the method to the world’s madness. There’s a shot of the famous Bikini Girl, who may or may not be Lucia, that gives us another big detail to speculate over. 

If she indeed is Lucia, the lifestyle choice for a premium brand and surrounding oneself with the elite can indicate two things; either she ends up in a lot of money and tries to enjoy it. Or, she’s simply working undercover in hopes of mingling well with wealthy members of crime. This is evident from the first shot of the trailer itself when Lucia clearly seems out of place and well-versed in how she presents herself in front of an officer. 

Lucia’s undercover inclinations aren’t entirely new to the narratives of Grand Theft Auto. In fact, GTA 5 and GTA 4 had protagonists who were somewhere closely tied to the workings of a dirty cop and had players run errands for them. In turn, players would either benefit from having cops behind their backs or face a fair share of betrayals. 


If Lucia happens to be working undercover, pulling Jason into the mix must have been a matter of love and consequence. 

Reading Between Tom Petty’s Lines of Songwriting

Jason Lucio dynamic
Jason might just end up doing everything and anything for the woman he loves.

The impeccable choice of music for GTA 6’s trailer adds a ton of speculation to go over. Not only is the class rock song reflective of Leonida’s craziness, but it may also tell us a lot about Jason and Lucia’s relationship, and how the duo even came to be. Take a look at the opening lines to Tom Petty’s song, Love Is a Long Road:

There was a girl I knew

She said she cared about me

She tried to make my world

The way she thought it should be

If these lines are reminiscent of how Jason feels about his relationship with Lucia, then players are in for a rough ride. Knowing Rockstar Games, red flags in characters are simply flags. Nothing to be afraid of, just the casual guns, death, and glory. 


What feels like an attempt to find logic in emotions seems to be the very aspect of how Jason’s character finds meaning in reckless actions. Especially when they’re orchestrated by Lucia. It’s likely that Jason started his early career doing small-time crime or actually having a clean slate. But, as he fell in love and grew up with Lucia, the life of crime took well to him. But, judging by his expressions alone, maybe not so much.

Lucia’s past seems to have revolved around the need to be more. For herself? Maybe. For others? Possibly, given the relationship she shares with Jason. There can be family members involved here too, which is a speculation for another time. If GTA 6’s story does resemble the adventures of Bonnie and Clyde, then Jason and Lucia are surely going down a long road of crime, love, and everything in between. 

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