RavenWestR1 Has Recreated the GTA 6 Trailer in GTA 5 With Masterful Attention to Detail

RavenWestR1 has recreated the GTA 6 trailer and it looks incredible.

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  • The GTA 6 trailer has been remade within GTA 5.
  • RavenWestR1 worked incredibly hard on the trailer.
  • RavenWestR1 creates multiple remade trailers within GTA 5.
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It has barely been a month since we received the first ever trailer for GTA 6 on YouTube, and since its release, gamers have been viewing each detail with a fine-toothed comb to find any secret information Rockstar could have hidden within.


That said, there are those who have gone a step further, as the YouTube channel, RavenWestR1, has taken to GTA 5 to recreate the trailer in amazing detail. Keep in mind this video has only aimed to mimic the main details within the trailer, such as characters and events that took place within the trailer, but the finer details sadly couldn’t be copied.

What Is RavenWestR1, and Why Has It Recreated the GTA 6 Trailer Within GTA 5?

GTA 6 receives a remade trailer in GTA 5.
GTA 6 receives a remade trailer in GTA 5.

For those who may not know, RavenWestR1 is a YouTube channel that specialises in creating fake trailers within GTA 5 for numerous different games. For example, another game trailer that it has remade within GTA 5 is Forza Horizon 5, and it has been remade with painstaking detail.


This isn’t the first game that it has remade since its creation, and from what fans can see, there is a lot of love and care put into these remade trailers. What makes it even more unique is the fact that each of these remade trailers is done using GTA 5 and the different utilities that are available within the game.

For obvious reasons, since this YouTube channel uses GTA 5 to create remade trailers, it would make a lot of sense for it to create a remade trailer for GTA 6. Many would think this would be surprisingly easy, as some of GTA 6 will be set in very similar locations to GTA 5, but sadly, this isn’t the case.

GTA 6 Trailer but it's faithfully recreated in GTA 5


Due to circumstances like cars not being available within GTA 5 that were included within the GTA 6 trailer, this left RavenWestR1 to utilise different mods to get those final touches upon its remade trailer for GTA 6.

In this trailer, we see all of the different scenes within GTA 6, with immense detail as this YouTuber spent many hours getting the right outfits, characters, and locations that looked as similar as they could from the trailer.

Will RavenWestR1 Be Remaking Any Future GTA 6 Trailers When They Release?

RavenWestR1 worked hard to recreate GTA 6 in GTA 5.
RavenWestR1 worked hard to recreate GTA 6 in GTA 5.

At the moment, there is no way to tell whether or not Rockstar will be releasing anymore trailers for GTA 6, but we can only assume that when it gets closer to the release date in 2025, Rockstar will most likely release either a new trailer or a gameplay trailer that will show off more of the game.


Since RavenWestR1 has been doing this for awhile, they have already gained quite a bit of proficiency when it comes to remaking game trailers within GTA 5, but at the moment, there aren’t many games releasing that could have trailers remade in GTA 5 that are actually very detailed.

While creating trailers for other games is quite a skill and does look very interesting, with the recent hype for GTA 6 and its recent trailer release, we can only assume RavenWestR1 will be quite busy keeping up with the different trailer and gameplay announcements that could be coming anytime soon.

With RavenWestR1’s track record, we can only assume that if another GTA 6 trailer does release sometime in the near future, it will be there to remake said trailer. And hopefully, it will be with the same love and care for details that it has used within this remade trailer.


Even though it would be very interesting to see future trailers remade within GTA 5, it would most likely prove to be a challenge for RavenWestR1. Future trailers would most likely show more details regarding the main characters, the map, or even quests that could include inside areas that GTA 5 sadly does not possess.

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