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GTA 6 Reveal Trailer Coming This November?

Some new information for Rockstar’s hotly anticipated GTA 6 has dropped. It feels like the rumors are constant with this one, so I don’t blame you if your reaction is something like ‘Seriously? Another GTA 6 rumor?’  Well yes but it’s a good one, so if you haven’t heard any new news on the next Grand Theft Auto this week, then here are a few tidbits to satiate that impatient anarchist gamer inside you.

GTA 6 Map Comparison

GTA 6's map seems huge.
GTA 6’s map seems huge.

If you love the Grand Theft Auto series, no doubt it has felt like a long drought, and the random new updates of fun on GTA Online are likely beginning to start having diminishing returns in excitement, and possibly less of your crew appearing at the right time.  The last GTA iteration was 10 years ago!  It’s not wrong to be anxious.

Rest assured Rockstar is of course working hard on GTA 6, to keep the huge bankroll running for the billion dollar franchise.  In the passed year speculation and rumors have been high, as a lot of gamers have been chomping at the bit for any new bit of information on GTA 6. The game was a rumoured assumption several years ago but gained massive new attention when apparent clips of the game were released online, and unfairly judged by some.  This leak occurred not too long after Rockstar had officially announced the game, which is thought to of been in production all the way back to 2014, and built up an incredulous budget of a supposed $2 billion in that time.

Fandomwire Video

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The newest rumors about GTA 6 come from a popular leaker known as Budz. Budz took to twitter to share some information about GTA 6 that he felt pretty confident in. The game will release sometime in 2024, likely in the fall. He claimed with certainty though that we will see an announcement trailer for GTA 6 this fall on November 17. Mark the day on your calendars, and cross your fingers for official gameplay footage. Hopefully we will learn more about the the game’s two main protagonists, Jason and Lucia.

A new duo

Jason and Lucia

According to Budz some of the rumors and leaks in the past haven’t been accurate. Claiming that Rockstar has given out fake information at times to their devs to weed out the leakers from their team. The footage we saw last year was apparently not current at the time, but was from 2020. This would explain any worries about underdevelopment.

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Well there you have it, the next criminal open world adventure is on the horizon. With 10 years of waiting, Rockstar must feel the pressure to exceed the last game and impress players. Are you excited?

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