GTA 6 Seemingly Won’t Launch Day One on PC

GTA 6 has no mention of a PC release in 2025.

GTA 6 Seemingly Won't Launch Day One on PC


  • GTA 6 might skip PC at launch as the official announcement only mentions PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.
  • GTA 6 is set to release sometime in 2025.
  • Grand Theft Auto 6 is also seemingly skipping last-gen consoles.
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Rockstar Games released the first trailer for the highly anticipated GTA 6 on December 4 after announcing it last month, confirming that the game will be released in 2025. While this elated the majority of Grand Theft Auto fans, PC gamers were not so lucky, as the game is seemingly not coming to PC on day one. Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently only planned to launch for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.


GTA 6 Is Skipping PC Upon Launch

GTA 6 will be skipping PC at launch, following Rockstar's long-standing tradition.
GTA 6 will be skipping PC at launch, following Rockstar’s long-standing tradition.

The GTA 6 trailer was released 15 hours ahead of schedule after it leaked online, pushing Rockstar Games to take action. The trailer revealed that the next installment in the popular series will be going back to Vice City, Leonida, and will have dual protagonists, Lucia and Jason, confirming a lot of leaks and rumors over the years.

The trailer ended with a logo reveal and confirmed that the game will be launching sometime in 2025. If this wasn’t enough, a subsequent press release from Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, revealed that GTA 6 would launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X with no mention of Windows, meaning that Grand Theft Auto 6 would skip PC on launch. The press release stated:


Rockstar Games, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, is proud to announce that Grand Theft Auto VI is coming to PlayStation 5 computer entertainment systems and Xbox Series X|S games and entertainment systems in 2025.

Moreover, there is also no mention of last-gen consoles, so the title may skip them too. Although the Grand Theft Auto 6 fans on Windows being snubbed is disappointing, this isn’t surprising since Rockstar usually does this with its flagship titles. The only GTA titles that were released on Windows alongside the console release were Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2, and since then, all the titles have been released months or years later than the console release.

GTA 5 was released for PC over a year and a half after the console release.
GTA 5 was released for Windows over a year and a half after the console release.

Grand Theft Auto 3 and GTA: Vice City were released on PC after six months of console release. GTA: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto 4 were released seven months after the console release. Grand Theft Auto 5, the previous title in the series, took over a year and a half to come to PC. This also confirms the report that a reputable GTA leaker shared online, stating that the game would not be available on PC with a console version launch as it is more “buggy” than console versions.

Rockstar Games also did the same with Red Dead Redemption 2, as the game was released in 2018 for consoles and later in 2019 for PC. Considering how Rockstar has continued this trend for two decades, it is highly unlikely that Grand Theft Auto 6 will land on Windows with the console version launch. However, other than that, there is no other reason why the game should be delayed on PC since most of the games these days usually come to Windows alongside console releases.


PCs these days can easily play any game as they are equipped with the best hardware available in the market, and even if this might not be the case for all computer gamers out there, the developers still optimize the games for mid-range rigs, resulting in several developers releasing the game on Windows alongside consoles and sometimes earlier than consoles.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently planned to be released for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2025.
Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently planned to be released for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2025.

However, Grand Theft Auto 6 will launch on PC after some time, as all titles have eventually landed there, but it cannot be said how long players will need to wait to play the crime saga. The reason behind Rockstar Games not releasing Grand Theft Auto 6 Day One on Windows is that it is looking to create hype again around the game after the console release.

Another reason could be that the game would not be ready for Windows, as it seems very graphically demanding, so developers would need to spend some extra time to ensure a smooth gaming experience for the players.


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