GTA 6 Trailer Analysis: 4 Things You Missed

GTA 6's trailer is full of details, which will be missed unless carefully analyzed.



  • The trailer for GTA 6 dropped 15 hours earlier due to an unforeseen leak, which was posted by a now-suspended account on Twitter.
  • GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated games in recent years thanks to the iconic franchise's success in the past.
  • Despite the trailer being less than two minutes, it is full of details that can be explored.
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The trailer for GTA 6 dropped 15 hours early due to an unforeseen leak, which was posted by a now-suspended account on Twitter. Soon after the trailer dropped, it became the topic of conversation for most game websites and content creators, and rightly so.

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GTA 6 is the most anticipated game in recent years thanks to the series’ legacy and history of producing experiences that stay with individuals months and years after the playthrough.


The trailer is the longest premiere trailer compared to GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Despite the trailer being less than two minutes, it is full of details that can be explored. Here are some things you probably missed in the trailer.

The Protagonist Lucia in GTA 6 Is Shown to Be an Inmate: Flashback Sequence or Undercover Narrative?

GTA 6 protagonist Lucia in prison uniform.
GTA 6 protagonist, Lucia, is shown in a prison uniform.

Lucia is confirmed as the first female protagonist ever, since the GTA franchise’s first entry in 1997. The first title, Grand Theft Auto, had 4 female playable characters on paper. This time, it makes a lot more impact because she is voiced and has personality as opposed to the playable characters in the first title.


Another interesting detail in the GTA 6 trailer is that Lucia wears inmate colors and a uniform at the beginning. This is followed by a scene when she is undergoing therapy or perhaps psychiatric evaluation, which inmates often receive in a penitentiary.


When Lucia’s counselor or evaluator asks her if she knows why the former ended up in prison, Lucia is quick to blame it on her bad luck. This opens the door to some exciting possibilities with the character arc in the game.

Further down the line in the trailer, we see Lucia teaming up with an unidentified and unintroduced male who is reportedly the second playable character in the title, rumored to be named Jason. The duo is seen engaging in criminal activities such as heists.


This could mean that the main story or Lucia’s time in prison are elements of a flashback sequence. On the other hand, a more exciting possibility could be that Lucia is undercover. We also see footage from a police bodycam in the game; it could be that we play as the police in-game.

Either way, this might be an exciting avenue to be explored in the game. There could be a sequence showing Lucia doing time, which would be the first instance of a GTA game going inside a prison. 


The Environment, Wildlife, Population Density, Detail, and Variety in GTA 6 Are Going to Be Immaculate

Snapshot of a beach in GTA 6's trailer.
Snapshot of a beach in the GTA 6 trailer.

Just after the shot of Lucia in an inmate uniform, we see a shot of a beach. Suppose one looks carefully; one can spot aquatic fauna like turtles, orcas, and whales. One can also see a plane. In one of the trailer’s shots, we see a boat in a swampy region. The environment in the shot looks photorealistic, with fabulous lighting and vegetation. In the following shot, alligators and flamingoes indicate Rockstar Games is amping up the wildlife in the game, compared to GTA 5.

Also, throughout the trailer, one can notice that the hair physics are much more realistic than in GTA 5. There is variety when it comes to hair texture in the game. Lucia’s hair is wavy, and her counselor’s curly and bouncy. 


In the next shot in the trailer, we see a beach with many NPCs. With some folks going on a run with their Chihuahua (which is another indicator of pets in GTA 6) to people having a beach party and getting a tan. The shot from the beach shows some awe-inspiring character models, skin tones, details, and a lot of population variety, which will be present in the game. The level of detail and draw distance can be measured by looking at the horizon.

More Vehicles and Detailed Customization Will Be Present in GTA 6

Car customization in GTA 6 looks to be promising.
Car customization in GTA 6 looks to be promising.

GTA 6 had the series’s best and most in-depth customization features. It can be concluded from the trailer that the level of customizability will be much higher in Rockstar’s upcoming title. Right around the 27th second of the trailer, we see a shot that appears to be from a car meet-up, which isn’t a rare sight in Miami, Florida, the city on which Vice City is modeled. We are greeted by some car models that, apart from having customization, were available in GTA 5.


However, when looked at more closely, we can see some more details in the car models. For example, a magenta car with massive tires can be seen sporting some custom vinyl artwork on its windows and rear window glass. We also see pinstripes in a green car. Behind it, we see a lowrider car in blue with a custom paint job, indicating that the car customization in GTA 6 will be similar to the previous game, but will be ramped up.

We also see that the traffic in Vice City will be a sight to behold in a shot that shows sports carts, modern American muscle cars, and some supersport motorcycles that will be seen in the game. Water transport also seems to have been overhauled, as seen in the trailer; at the 35th second, we see a bridge connecting various islands in the game’s world. On the left, we see sea freights moving across the sea; on the right, we see cruise ships and yachts.


Social Media and Media in General Will Be One of the World’s Major Elements in GTA 6

GTA 6 trailer has News channel footage from the game's world.
GTA 6 trailer has News channel footage from the game’s world.

Throughout the trailer, we see snippets and social media posts sprinkled across, with some ranging from pop culture to some that are satirical. Social media will likely be a significant part of GTA 6‘s world.


GTA 5 was released at a time when social media existed, but the internet and technology boom wasn’t in full force. It seems like GTA 6 will be much closer to real life regarding social media inclusion. Video clips of alligators in swimming pools are associated with Florida’s rich flora and fauna in real life.

There is also footage of people pulling off flamboyant maneuvers on cartops. Some footage of lewd gestures and bizarre sightings, which are seen on social media in real life, can also be seen in the trailer.


There are also clips from News Channels that are present in the trailer. The first is the returning Weazel News, a News outlet featured in previous GTA titles. There is also footage from a news channel of a convict with purple hair and face tattoos with banners in Spanish. This ensures that the game will be more inclusive in communities that aren’t English-speaking.

GTA 6 is slated to release for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 in 2025.


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