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The players of GTA have not only been spotting UFOs, now they can even expect to see scary madmen and spectral vehicles. Since GTA has launched the brand new Halloween Update on 21st October 2021, there are a lot of events and other items for players to explore. The new update for ‘GTA Online’ is way too extensive, boasting gameplay, fascinating aesthetics, and more. So without any further ado, here are the spooky details that you need to know of the GTA Halloween Update.


The brand new update has the creepiest cars collection: Grand Theft Auto Online has officially declared that this is a version of the Badlands Revenge 2 arcade game. Other than that, GTA has featured plenty of creepy cars. Players, who are already a member of LS Car Meet, and score top 4 spots in at least eight pursuit series races will have the opportunity to get a reward. They will get the chance to unlock a Dinka RT3000. Therefore, GTA online update is worth getting hyped about it. There are other exciting cars to grab as well and that too is for much less effort than the Dinka. The Lucky Wheel will also get you a good fortune while spinning the Diamond Casino and Resort. In the updated version the discounts on a bunch of other cars are unbelievable for the fans. There are 40 percent off on both Albany Lurcher and the Rune Zhaba. Moreover, the ghost cars are the real kickers as players are claiming on Reddit.

Creepy cars in the game

The classic Halloween mode has been stealing the heat ever since the update has launched: The players have been spiraling over the few classic Halloween Modes that have returned to GTA online for a short period. All of them will feature Double Rewards in case they don’t find the appeal of the spot-on seasonality enough. Besides, they have relaunched three modes as we have come to know. All three of them offer something a little different and a lot creepy.

Spiraling fans
The different modes

The fans of classic horror might be thrilled to know about the recent Slasher feature: Players who watch out for the possessed, empty player-less cars will be kept on high alert in the GTA Online Halloween update. Also, there are insane slasher-types who will be on the search for blood while there will be players who are in Freemode. However, players who like creepy stuff might recognize some of the Slashers or at least from where the ideas have been taken from. Eurogamer has informed that many of these killers are inspired by cult classic horror movies like Friday the 13th or A Nightmare on Elm Street. 

With all this fun stuff GTA Online has many more bonuses in the latest Halloween 2021 updated version. A Baseball Bat Tee with extra frequent Business Battles are making this version unmissable for the players. No wonder why the fans have been spiraling over the extra incentives. We say, don’t miss out. Grab the chance while it’s available.

slasher feature
The baseball bat


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