GTA Online Introduces New Business With a Familiar Character, Wildlife, and Drift Races

Get ready to steal luxury cars for a man of lavish tastes.

GTA Online


  • Players will meet Yusuf Amir, a familiar character from a previous Grand Theft Auto title.
  • This update introduces a new racing mode in the game.
  • Wildlife, UI changes, and festivities are also part of this update.
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With Grand Theft Auto 6’s official reveal right around the corner, the fanbase for the popular franchise’s online version wasn’t expecting a big reveal. GTA Online’s December update will introduce players to a whole new business and a character well known in previous games.

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Furthermore, the update introduces wildlife into the ever-evolving landscape, along with new design changes and festive surprises in light of Rockstar’s 25th anniversary celebration. This update is important since it will bring a new way of making money in the game, something that can be time-consuming for new players if not considered carefully.


A Brand New Business Model: Stealing Cars for Yusuf Amir

The new update introduces novel ways of earning money (and car parts).
The new update introduces novel ways of earning money (and car parts).

First appearing in Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony, Yusuf Amir hails from the UAE and comes from a background of extreme wealth and a life of abundance. The game portrayed Yusuf as a man who thrives on his pleasure principles and has skills as a helicopter pilot.

In the context of GTA Online, players will be crossing paths with Yusuf, who will introduce them to a new way of making money: stealing luxurious cars so they can be added to Yusuf’s private collection. With the assistance of Yusuf’s cousin Jamal, players will take on the quest to get involved in high-stake robberies under the alias of Red’s Auto Parts. Stolen vehicle parts will differ, and the payout will be unique based on how these robberies go.


Rockstar’s official website describes the new update with enthusiasm:

This Winter’s GTA Online update heads straight into the heart of the Los Santos street crime landscape: stealing, stripping, and selling the most in-demand vehicles.

This is just the beginning of all that’s to come.


Drift Races, Wild Animals, and More Coming to GTA Online

Players will be able to further modify their cars and take part in drift races.
Players will be able to further modify their cars and take part in drift races.

The expansive world of GTA Online will now include the Drift Races Series, a unique take on drift racing for all the car enthusiasts in Los Santos. For those who have an eye for detail and wish to fine-tune their cars into something worthy of these races, LS Car Meet is going to be their go-to spot now. Whether it’s an official race between players or simply cruising (and drifting) through the streets of Los Santos, this update will add a touch of charm to players’ racing experiences.

Speaking of charm, remember the times in single-player mode when you’d carefully stalk wildlife, hunt, and even be hunted by predators in the wild? That kind of experience will soon be part of your adventures online. Given the capabilities of current-gen consoles, the team at Rockstar is bringing the animals from the Southern San Andreas landscape to GTA Online.


Next time you’re in a 1v1 against an annoying player, just invite them to the forest during the darker hours. It might just turn into a PvE experience.

Moreover, if you’ve been playing GTA Online for a while now, you’ll likely be aware of how cumbersome the in-game interaction can be. It seems that Rockstar is finally doing something about it, and the new update will see a smoother, more seamless interface design.


Additionally, members of the GTA+ community will be able to access the Vinewood Club Garage. This is a top-notch storage facility that has the capacity to house 100 vehicles. Along with this, there are many more changes and quality-of-life updates coming to the experience soon.

There’s a lot more in store for players, and Rockstar has hyped us adequately.


There will be new music, all-new holiday modes, additional experience improvements, updates to the creator tools, other festive surprises

This is quite the time to drop an update like this, considering that we will soon be receiving our first glimpse at GTA 6. This update marks the active and considerate development of GTA Online, since over the years, it has continued to receive content updates.

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