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Harley Queen: 7 Most Heinous Acts Of The Clown Queen Of Crime

The DC Universe would be a way less spirited place without the high jinx and shenanigans of Dr. Harleen Quinzel, the one and solely The Clown Queen of Crime. Initially showing in Batman: The Animated Series, Harley Quinn has become one of the best DC characters of all time. The Clown Queen Of Crime started a fan-favorite relationship with Poison-Ivy and is currently starring as a lead in her own steady comic book, a TV series, and therefore in the DCEU.

Although Harley Quinn has left most of her scandalous ways behind, she still features a lot of blood in her record. The dark history of Joker’s former girlfriend ranges from worrisome and brutal. Here’s the list of the 7 most heinous acts she has done.

The Clown Queen Of Crime was so evil that once she was sent away from Hell. Her behavior was such that she was expelled from Hell, where all the evils reside.

Harley earlier murdered children by giving them exploding video games. After joining the Suicide Squad her mental health deteriorated further and she became more like her earlier self, Harleen. That showed us a more brutal and sadistic Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn

Harley has always been backing up Joker’s crimes. There exists no name that strikes terror into the hearts of Gotham’s citizens quite like the Joker. He is a homicidal artist and agent of chaos, the clown prince of crime. He’s been one of the most iconic villainous characters in the history of DC Comics. Furthermore, he is the one who commits the horrible crimes but there’s no denying that without Harley Quinn, he wouldn’t have caused such huge damage.

Harley Quinn

Quinn must have had an entertaining character sketch but having her own Newspaper column is awful: Beyond any shadow of a doubt, Quinn is one of the most entertaining yet sadistic characters of all time. The dark past and the all-over character sketch makes her stories more unusual. However, appearing in her own newspaper column is extra. All the credit goes to Perry White.

Harley Quinn

Harley using children as soldiers to achieve her ends is bad. She has had a miserable history with children ever since. Not only she used to help The Joker in trying and killing several Robins on occasions, but also used children from a terrorist organization and then made them child soldiers.

Harley Quinn

The best example of Harley’s most heinous acts is when Quinn had Deadshot wear Joker’s mask. In the new 52 era, the most striking incident was when Harley used face of the Joker on Deadshot. Earlier in The Suicide Squad when The Joker had his face cut off, Harley went to find the skin that was used to be his face. She forced Deadshot to wear it. It is disturbing enough, right?

The Clown Queen Of Crime

Harley was the one who helped The Joker escape Arkham Asylum. The real problem in Batman and his war against crime is that everyone he puts in the prison or Arkham Asylum breaks out and starts executing more crimes. However, helping The Joker to escape the Arkham Asylum has caused difficulties.

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