Harry Potter: 13 Wholesome Behind The Scenes Moments

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Any movie’s behind the scenes are the most fun things to watch, especially when they are your favorite ones. And for any Potterhead, these moments are like a cherry on top. These scenes give us a sneak peek into the actors’ true feelings toward each other and their characters, and for me, that’s a precious find. So here are 13 wholesome Harry Potter behind the scenes moments. Enjoy!


1. Daniel got the opportunity to play Harry Potter, the most iconic role, because Maggie Smith insisted the director audition him for the role. They had worked on a project before and thus she thought he would be perfect. He calls her his “fairy godmother”.


2. Rupert Grint drew a doodle in his book with his quill, while Alan Rickman was standing right behind him. He describes that he felt scared, but Alan Rickman was very cool about it and he actually made him sign it and took it with him.


3. During the filming of Ron and Hermione’s kiss in the Chamber of Secrets, it became hard for the two to be in their characters. They couldn’t stop laughing. On the other hand, Daniel didn’t make it any easier for them, since he kept laughing from behind the camera so much that he had to be taken away.


4. The on-screen godfather and godson duo had a similar chemistry off screen also. Daniel looked up to him and was really inspired by him. During their scenes together, he felt most nervous.


5. How adorable is that? Ron’s reaction to the question is extremely hilarious and witty.


6. Even though they were acting in a huge franchise, they were still kids, right? And moments like these are somehow absolutely cute and satisfying to watch. They had their time during the filming.

Behind the scenes moments wholesome on Harry Potter...: Rupert Grint.
Most wholesome behind the scenes moments

7. When Emma Watson was asked about her favorite line, she responded with her line from the first movie, Philosopher’s Stone. 

8. Perks of being a scary witch! Also, how cool is that? Not the scaring part, but to have an identity like that.

9. After seeing the Great Hall’s ceiling for the first time in Philosopher’s Stone, we all were awestruck and so were Daniel, Hermione, and Rupert. Their reactions to it were real since they saw it only while shooting the sorting hat scene.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone — Film vs. Book Quiz | HowStuffWorks
They saw it directly while filming

10. Remember the scene in Chamber of Secrets, where Ron is terrified of spiders? Well, his fear was all real because, just like his character, Rupert Grint also has arachnophobia.

Harry Potter Universe on Twitter: "May 24, 1993: Harry Potter and Ron Weasley "follow the spiders" into the Forbidden Forest, and meet Aragog. http://t.co/bSizjTiJ0p"
The fear was real

11. At the end of Chamber of Secrets, Hermione was supposed to hug both Harry and Ron. But because Emma Watson felt embarrassed to do that, it was changed to a hug for Harry and an awkward handshake for Ron. For all we know, that developed beautifully later.

wholesome behind the scenes moments Hermione hugs Harry and not Ron
Hermione hugs Harry and not Ron

12. Just like how sad we were to see the franchise end, so were these three. On the last day, they broke into tears and hugged each other tightly.


13. Ending this list with the most wholesome and adorable behind the scenes moments I came across. I don’t know what is cuter than this:


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