Harry Potter Actors with Hogwarts Houses Different from their Characters

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As Potterheads boarded the Hogwarts train for Return to Hogwarts, it transported us back to some of our best childhood memories. The legendary series celebrated its 20th anniversary with a reunion special that premiered on HBO Max. It was a nostalgic and warm trip for both fans and the actors. Regardless of the houses that these stars belonged to, they were loved by the world. Even though we can advocate that most of the actors had perfectly fit the role, in real life, some of them belonged to houses different from their characters. Find out the Hogwarts houses of Harry Potter actors in real life.


Rupert Grint

Rupert Grint may be the best Ronald Weasley we could have possibly imagined. While he brought justice to every element of Ron, he couldn’t manage to get into Gryffindor. As a true Weasley, Ron was sorted into the Gryffindor house. But when Rupert took the Wizarding World Hogwarts Quiz, he got Hufflepuff. Though surprised, the actor was happy about the results.


Tom Felton

Tom Felton played one of the most despised characters in the franchise as Harry’s nemesis, Draco Malfoy. Unlike his Slytherin character’s notorious reputation, Felton has enjoyed a lot of popularity for his acting chops and handsome looks. In 2020, the actor took the Wizarding World Hogwarts Sorting Quiz and got sorted into Hufflepuff. This house is famously known for being hard-working and generous wizards. Being so used to watching Tom grow up as Draco on the screen, it is kind of hard to see him as a Hufflepuff. 

Evanna Lynch


One of the quirkiest characters and a sweetheart to the series, Luna Lovegood was introduced in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and immediately added spice to the story. Evanna did an unparalleled job in bringing life into Luna’s character. As the series proceeded, it gradually revealed her wit and intelligence. The enigmatic Luna was indeed a perfect Ravenclaw. But Evanna’s heart has always belonged to the Gryffindor house. Back in 2016, she was one of the cast members to be filmed taking the Wizarding World Hogwarts Sorting Quiz. On finding out that she was a Gryffindor, Evanna was “thrilled, but also not surprised”.

James Phelps

James and his twin brother Oliver played the widely admired Weasley twins. Just like every Weasley in the generation, Fred and George were also sorted in the Gryffindor house. But in real life, while Oliver got Gryffindor, James got Hufflepuff as his house during a Q&A session with the Wizarding World. 


Matthew Lewis 

Matthew’s Harry Potter character, Neville Longbottom had significant character development in the series. He used to be a scared and forgetful little kid who grew up to be one of the bravest young wizards in Dumbledore’s Army. Considering his courage and generous heart, Neville was undoubtedly a Gryffindor through and through. But Matthew, on the other hand, learnt that he was a Hufflepuff on Wizarding World Hogwarts Sorting Quiz. The actor turned out to be pretty excited about the result.


Written by Ipshita Barua

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